Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Whoduknit? 2007 resolutions

There are already some great ones that are on my list, but my main resolution is to:

I will spend as much on yarn/patterns/books/tools as I want to (it's never been THAT much).
I will trash or recycle and pass along ufos once they are no longer fun. After all, I knit because I love to knit, not because I need knitted garments/gifts/accessories.
I will keep moving--I lost 18 lbs last year and I feel terrific even though I am a long way from an ideal weight. I cut calories in a sensible way (who has time for a program) and got serious about a reasonable level of exercise.
I will remember that every day is a fresh start--a new opportunity for relationships, personal growth, and joy in both the same old and unexpected places.

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