Thursday, January 31, 2008

Three Bags Full - Baa-by (Booby) Prize entry

Here is my baa-by (booby) prize is one of my knit bags....which took three years to completely finish...and it is full of wool sock yarn and a sock in progress!

Monday, January 28, 2008

KAL scarf finished

I have finished my scarf and it just needs to be wrapped up and added to a gift package I am putting together. When we were told to just grab something form out stash, I grabbed some purple Berroco Cotton 100 and was all ready to go. As it turns out I have someone who is allergic to all animal fibers, lives in a cold area, and her favorite color is purple! I have the perfect gift for her! BTW, don't look for this wonderful yarn in your LYS, it was discontinued years ago. Mission Falls Cotton is very similar though (which was the other yarn I almost used).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scarf ready to block

This mystery knit was so much fun! Thank you Jane for "cracking the whip" and keeping us on task . . . LOL. The scarf is finished (except for blocking). It feels so good to have a FO in January!! Unfortunately, I discovered my camera is on the fritz when I tried to take photos.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scarf done but NO picture

I'm still not able to post a picture.. Irks me a bit!

I loved the KAL, and plan on making more of these scarves, for charity! Good idea??

Thanks again!

so much for a photo right now

I loved this KAL.....and my daughter really liked the finished project. She tried it on last night and proceeded to wear it to school I'll get a photo when I can catch her. I used two complete balls of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. It is so pretty; I'll be making more!


Monday, January 21, 2008


It is cold enough out that I put it on without even washing and blocking it! Might even wear it to bed tonight! Made it out of Woolease - one skein with about 1 foot left over.

Mystery KAL

Here are three mystery KAL scarves, keeping my snowmen nice and warm!

The one on the left is made with Patons SWS, the middle with Patons Classic Wool, and the one on the right is made with left-over Reynold's Boku for the two ends, and a solid Patons Wool for the middle. Hope they don't melt!


I do not know how to turn the picture, so all you have to do is tip you computer :-)

Knitted in a yarn from Garnstudio: Alaska, in 2 different pink colors. And yes, I have cheated, cause I haven't blocked it. I don't like blocking this yarn. I really liked the pattern and am going to knit more of these one day!
Thanks, Jane! You're great!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another (last minute) Farewell to Yarns project

Like Jane, I also made a wreath as my Farewell to Yarns project. Since I don't know how to crochet, I knit mine. Then I used beads as the "berries."


For my December project I also finished a granny afghan I crocheted. It was from a swap in the Yarn Lovers Room and has been hanging around for about three or so years. This swap was to send one 10" square to everyone on the list. It could be any color but had to be edged in black. As usual there were some who didn't play nice. Here is my finished Dec project

and some close ups.

Soon on my blog you will be able to see some of the individual squares. I didn't photograph all the squares just some of the more unusual ones.

Actually, I have another bunch of squares from another swap in that same group to put together. I also have a lot of squares knit using wool by the Woolman who lived and had a yarn shop in my city many years ago which I received after he died.

Squares received from people in the Yarn Lover's Room Swaps are all very different and no two people in this swap have the same completed afghan as everyone doesn't necessarily send the same crochet/knit pattern or use the same colors in their squares they send out.

The one I haven't finished is from a blue and white swap and the squares had to be in only blues and whites. In this swap we sent two seven inch squares to each person in the swap. AND again some people didn't play nice. I want to edge these blue and white squares first to give them some co-ordination before I put them together.
This was a fun swap as I got to finish a UFO!!!! and learn how to put my granny square afghan together. I am sure there are other ways to join squares and I hope to learn more ways eventually.


Monday, January 14, 2008

My Farewell to Yarns Project

Here is my project for A Farewell to Yarns. One is the back and one is the front. I guess if you can't tell which is which, I did pretty well in weaving in the ends! When I read the story, I immediately thought of this afghan, which I began in November of 2006, while waiting for my son to have a CT scan. I used Red Heart sport-weight yarn in hopes of making it similar to one in one of the treatments rooms at Dartmouth Hospital, but that one was made of cotton thread, and so is much finer. The dark green looks almost black in the picture, but is really green. This afghan still needs a few rows of blocks, then a scalloped edging. Right now it is in use, and is draped over the back of the rocking chair in the living room, with the bag of yarn and a crochet hook nearby, for spare moments. Maybe if I do a block a day, I could get it finished in a few weeks? Oh, and I don't know why the blocks slant. They do that no matter how I spread it out. My friend, Karen, made the same afghan, but with Red Heart worsted weight, and I don't remember hers slanting. Is it the tension? Is it sport weight versus worsted weight? That remains a mystery!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goals for 2008 Contest

Post your goals for 2008 - a winner will be drawn on January 12.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Goals

My main goal for this wonderful new year is to convert my son's former room into my "Studio." Now that DS {Dear Son} is away at college and planning on moving onward and upward when he graduates, I have his permission to take over the room that had originally been my "project" room. I appreciate the time we had with him when he was growing up and do not regret having to give up the room for 20 years to make way for a bouncing baby boy, mature for his age even at birth.

I would enjoy organizing the entire house more, but I have a feeling that will take a lot longer than a year. This year is my time to concentrate on this one room, making it my place of refuge after long, grueling days at work.

1) Sort thru DS's belongings and box up the things he might still want (he has given permission and an idea of what he wants and what he no longer wants)
2) Repaint the room
3) Change the window "treatment"
4) Change the flooring
5) Set up some organizers for my stamps, beads and yarn
6) Set up a reading/DVD watching/knitting corner

Happy New Year and best of luck to everyone in accomplishing their goals!

Delores aka Knitted Zebra

Goal for 2008!

Well, after a lot of thoughts, I have made up my mind!

For me, there is only 1 single goal for 2008. What it is? I found out that all I had to promise myself was to live my life as best as I can. By doing that I'll be doing my best, won't I?

So no promises of weight-loss, stash-loss, and so on.

But one honest promise: to live my life as best as I can :-)

And Jane? Thank you, for making me think twice about goals :-)

2008 Goals

The long Holiday To Do List has been crossed out, wadded up and tossed. I was avoiding making any new year resolutions, but was challenged by the Goal Setting Contest. As I considered the fresh new days before me I realized they are too precious to waste by failure to consider what I want to accomplish. So after mulling it around, here is my short list:
  • Clear out the cluttered spots of my home/office. (This would greatly improve my peace of mind.)
  • Complete the kids' personal scrapbooks.
  • Focus on a few KALs so that I might actually complete the projects. (Reading the related books is not a problem.)
  • Learn to knit the Magic Loop. (My previous attempts have ended in frustration with me muttering, "I'll stay with my dpns!")
  • Craft holiday/birthday gifts through the year. (This should prevent the exhaustion from late nights in Nov/Dec working like a mad woman to get gifts done.)
I'd like to learn how to post pictures to my blog, finish two cross stitch Christmas Stockings, develop a regular exercise routine, learn to play the cello . . . (sigh) the days are too short!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My goals for 2008

1. Get back to working on getting in shape and loosing weight. I lost 30 pounds last year and then slacked off on the working at it thing for the last three months or so. The good thing is that I haven't gained any back.
2. Organize my stash (Knitting and weaving yarn as well as fabric).
3. Reduce my stash, either through use, swaps, gifts, or donations.
4. Clean and organize my part of the basement.
5. Knit more socks and prayer shawls.
6. Weave more.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Goals and Resolutions for 2008

I have a list of resolutions on my blog at: but I want to add the following two in the area of personal goals.
1. To try to have a more positive self esteem which is usually very poor. This is a very difficult goal but I hope to be able to chip away at this by repeating everyday in the mirror the following:
I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, humorous, wise, happy and a good person! Maybe by saying this mantra daily I can increase my self esteem which is usually in the toilet.

2. To take off the extra weight I put on over the holidays and continue to take off weight as I was doing before the holidays. Thank-goodness I didn't put on all the weight on I lost just three pounds of it.

I think between what I put on my blog and the above two I have a lot to work on this year.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Farewell to Yarns Projects

For those of you who were not able to read last month's book, part of the storyline was about setting up for a church Christmas bazaar. One of the church members crocheted little wreaths and thought they would sell for $15.00. fortunately she was away on vacation and they were able to mark them down to $2.00

When I read about the "afghan from hell" that Jane Jeffery was crocheting for the bazaar, I remembered the stack of granny squares I had stashed away many years ago, dug them out, crocheted them together, and made my own afghan from hell! Jane thought the afghan had sold, but eventually found out that her children had bought it back for her for Christmas.
I know that some of you are working on projects for this book too - can't wait to see them!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Goals for 2008

I decided to not put to much pressure on my resolutions this year. Basically just take each day one at a time. But the following is just a few that I have been thinking about.

1. Making it through surgery safely. Doing this will make the following easier to do. (I did this one!)
2. Finish reading the books on my unread shelf. (I could open a library!)
3. Cast on my socks mate to the one I completed, and knit it finished.
4. Stream back my hours at work from full time to part time.
5. Find a knitting/crochet project that I really like and make it. (I also did this one too!)

~ Goals for 2008 ~

Hello ~ Happy New Year!
Goals for 2008 ~ well mine are actually goals for life since my birthday in November when I decided I needed to have something to look forward to each and everyday. Here they are in their simplest form:

1. Create and cultivate a simple lifestyle
2. Continue to challenge myself by reading a minimum of 2 books a month and doing puzzles
3. Develop my craft skills to include learning new ones
4. Spend more time developing relationships w/family and friends
5. Take time to pamper myself and rest

I encourage each of you who have set goals for yourself. Remember if you only accomplish one of them, you have done much. ;D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goals for 2008

The DD and I have been discussing worthwhile goals for the new year, and we've decided to address the physical, emotional and mental aspects of life. (Sounds deep doesn't it, BUT not really--she's in 4-H which was the jumping off point for our discussion.) After that lead in, here are my resolutions for the coming year:
* dump 10 pounds
* make a new good friend
* read 1 new book each month that I'm not reading for something else
* knit everyday
* start planning, knitting, organizing for the holidays before mid-December 2008

My Goals for 2008

Hey all. Hope everyone's new year was great.

My goals are simple.

1) to actually start a book and finish it....not make excuses
2) Schedule some me time every week away from the chaos that is my life.
3) Cut back on my clutter
4) Knit from the stash

I am doing well, as I made some of these my goals before the new year.


Goals for 2008

My goal for 2008 is to make better decisions . . . about everything, health, money, children, family. And once I make that decision to stick by it and quit second guessing myself.

Happy New Year.

My Goals for 2008

My main goal for 2008 is to get rid of the CLUTTER! I've just got way too much stuff. And part of that goal will involve using up my stash (so I can justify buying more), and that of course involves knitting - so you see, I really like this goal!