Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sequoia Pullover Murder

Lt. Hugh Dunnit stood over the body of Mr. Paton and asked his wife what had happened. "Well, I was sitting in my rocking chair in the living room knitting a sweater for my dear husband," sobbed Mrs. Paton. "It was the Sequoia Men's Ribbed Pullover from Crystal Palace Yarns in his favorite shade of green. So, anyway, I heard a shot and I ran to the den and opened the door and found my poor darling lying forward over his desk with a bullet wound in his head. I saw a piece of paper clutched in his hand and then a tingling sensation of fear shivered up my spine."
"Did you see someone?" asked Lt. Dunnit. "No, I didn't see anyone but I somehow sensed that the murderer was there. I had a feeling that he was waiting to get the piece of paper that was in my dear husband's hand." "Did you take it?" asked Lt. Dunnit. "Yes, and I slipped it into a book that I had been reading earlier and had left on the desk. It was the June selection from the Whduknit Group, Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell. I was on Chapter 21 and I slipped the paper between pages 159 and 160 where my bookmark was. It's a murder mystery - I just love a good murder mystery."
"But there is no book on the desk," said Dunnit. "No, just after I slipped the paper in the book the murderer came up behind me and hit me over the head. He must have taken the book with him."
"No, Mrs. Paton, it didn't happen that way," said Hugh Dunnit. You are under arrest for the murder of your "dear husband."

How did he know that Mrs. Paton was lying? E-mail me privately - with your answer by Friday, June 5 for a chance to win a prize from the prize locker.