Friday, January 26, 2007

A Tomb of One's Own

I know it's not knitted, but how many of us have our own handmade Egyptian tomb? When the DD was in 4th grade, she made a tomb for an independent-study project. But you, too, can have a tomb of your own: We found many of the ideas and instructions at National Geographic Kids. This project was a huge success because she learned so much and she has actually remembered it (as did I)! I also used this at my regular bookclub when we read the book Salt (to illustrate the mineral's use in the mummification process). Whenever I think we really should "set this project free," I come up with another place in which to display it--hence it's appearance here.
Also, if you can find it, check out Egyptology published by Candlewick Press. Presented in the format of a long-lost scrapbook from the 20s (and presumably marketed to kids) it's very visually appealing and beautifully illustrates an archaelogical expedition.
Both the project and the book helped literally and figuratively stage the scene for Peters' Crocodile at my house.--Stephanie

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Janet said...

Hi Stephanie--Great display! I loved the book "Egyptology" also and bought it for one of my grandsons this past Christmas. I followed it with a copy of the Dorling Kindersly "Ancient Egypt" to give him lots of great pictures, including a few rather gruesome mummy images--he liked that one also. Having been an elementary school librarian for a few years in the past, I can vouch for kid appeal with either title--Janet