Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanks Kimberly

Kimberly---you more than spoiled me. I'm glad that you're all moved an life will someday return to whatever normal is! (I would have no clue as to what normal should look like!) Darlin', you out did yourself. I am more than grateful. I'm excited, too. Best yet, I was having a crappola day yestereday...running errands and trying to get food packed to leave on time for my daughter's softball state qualifier tournament. When I got home and saw the box I said, "I dont CARE if we are late, this baby is getting opened." My mood improved, we were there with 3 minutes to spare before the caravan left the parking lot (and the second of 5 parents there) and all is good. They lost both games (not a big shocker) and we'll be playing near Duluth on a weekend to come.

but I digress (and that's all the Victor Hugo I remember)

Here's the goodie run down:
M - Mystery book is Showdown by Dekker. Haven't read him, very excited to try a new author.
Y-Yummy Yarn, nashua handknits creative focus brushed alpaca. Never seen it before, and YUMMY is the word in a pretty shade of pink. I will enjoy working with this yarn. I bet it ends up as a luscious scarf.
S - Something silly - who doesn't LOVE play dough?!? It's already been absconded by my teens. I'm happy cos most of their sumer break has been chilly and gloomy. PLEASE play with the play dough!
Tasty Treat - some Nuss - Dessett cookie things I can't wait to try. Soon. Very soon. Very privately.
Ewe Make it - YOU ARE NUTS, TALENTED, and WAY TOO GENEROUS. Love the hand woven scarf. Is there an end to your talents?
Regional Item - gotta love the fridge magnet of Oklahoma with a thermometer. Since I live so far north, we're going to give that baby a work out! Every time I see the sand and that bull skull while I'm frozen solid, I'm going to smile.
You Pick - the cutest little lunch box (to carry my knitting incidentals) with stitch markers (who can EVER have enough...where do they all end up? With the other sock from the pair!?!?) and a tape measure. No kidding, I'm back down to one and I usually can't find it when I want it. THANK YOU.

I am happy and thankful.
Now I'm off to knit and watch a movie. the rest will wait.


I have completed my project for The Husband and here are the photos. I have to add I didn't make the chain link which is Marley's Ghost and is a FREEBIE on Knitty. I borrowed that from my friend who is in the photo. I didn't have enough yarn left after I knit and felted the cuff links.

It took forever to felt the hand cuffs and they need to be felted some more. I will do that when I visit my friend Paula again in her washing machine. They may end up to fit a doll after they are refelted as her machine really really felts well. A bad photo but a photo none-the-less of the before felting is going on my ravelry project page.

Monday, June 22, 2009

blocking grey shawl

blocking grey shawl
Originally uploaded by mlj1954ohio
I started my grey shawl in March and finished it the last day of May and finally blocked it on June 14 and unpinned it this past Saturday.

Zachariah loves helping me with my blocking and winding yarns. He is totally grand with my swift and winder. The next thing on our list to wind is the skein from Vigdis.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WWKIP Weekend, Take 2

Saturday non-WhoDuer Pharmaknits and I went to Knitter's Palette for WWKIP. We met a lot of folks, some that were new to us, and at one that used to be pretend and now she is real. Fortunately several of the new friends are now living in my computer with her. Don't you just love Ravelry? It was wonderful to spend a day going to new place with a friend and making new ones along the way. We are all looking forward to WWKIP next year and hopefully we will see the big city folks before then though. Maybe we can work out having more WhoDuers join in.
Unfortunately, this is the only picture that got taken yesterday afternoon, and since I am the one that took it, no picture of me to be had. Too bad Hubband is out of town or I would have had him go somewhere with me today and take my picture. Once again, here's hoping for next year!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WWKIP Weekend.

Dee was so kind as to have a swim meet this weekend, so kip was no big deal. However, I did meet a nice woman who was there for her grandkids as their parents couldn't attend. I like it when someone thinks I'm brilliant for doing the same old same ole stuff. I am knitting a pair of seafoam socks using some of the yarn I won a few months ago. I think I'm really going to like how they turn out. Can't wait to see how everyone else's wwkip went.

Hopefully, I'm off to bed so I can get at it tomorrow. After being gone all weekend, it'll be nice to figure exactly where I need to dive in to keep MY head above water!

Knit on!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whoduknit Birthday Bingo

(Whoduknit Members Only!)

What's a birthday party without games? Let's play a little 'Birthday Bingo." Here is how it works. Print out a blank bingo card here. Or, make your own 5x5 bingo card (five squares across and five down - 25 squares altogether). Then choose 24 of words listed below and write them in the other squares. (Most of the words relate to things we have done over the past three years) Send me your list of words (I don't need to know which squares you placed them in) privately by Friday, June 19 Then beginning on Saturday, check each day to find out which four words are pulled out of the felted bowl. I'll post them on the Yahoo Group and on the Blog. If you have them on your card cross them off. When you have crossed off all of the words on your card yell BINGO! - and then, (just in case I don't hear you), e-mail me privately. I'll check the list you sent me against the list of words already called and if you are a winner you win a prize. I'll also keep a running list of the words called in the files for you to check. Any questions? Then, let the games begin!

Yarn Over
Dyed in Kool-Aid
stitch markers
row counter
purloined stash
Mystery KAL
ghostly riddles
bottle swap
Mystery ball
traveling blanket
scavenger hunt
Hugh Dunnit
Plains Crazy
Deep Sleep
Casting Spells
Agatha Christie
Nancy Drew
Yard Sale
Book nominations
Dead Until Dark
3 Bags Full

Scavenger Hunt Package

I got my Scavenger Hunt Package yesterday - it had a ton of goodies! Angel by Carla Neggers, Yellow Alpaca Yarn, bath goodies, Fresh Salt Water Taffy and Ferrero Rocher Candy, a couple of cute Craft Kits, a Washington State Keychain and Postcard, and a bunch of wonderful DPNs - I have stowed everything away so I might have forgotten something but it is a great package - Thanks Robbie!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Bloggiversary Whoduknit...You're Invited

The Whoduknit Blog is celebrating it's third anniversary and we are going to party all month long! We'll be playing games, sharing our favorite party recipes, and getting together for an on-line chat.
We'll start out this weekend by meeting up for the World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 13 & 14.
Where: On the WhoDuKnit Yahoo Group
When: Anytime during the weekend
What: Knit in public and tell us where you Knit and what you are knitting. Then, if possible, post a photo on the blog of yourself knitting in public.
So, come on and join the party!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Today I received my scavenger hunt swap package. It made made this dreary rainy day better. It was from Barbara. Check out all the great goodies I received.

M = MURDER MYSTERY And it is a book I haven't yet read. YEAH!!
Y = YOUR CHOICE Barbara chose to send me some Cotton Candy scented body lotion, body wash and lip balm.
S = SOMETHING SILLY For this she sent Solara some treats and a toy.

T = TASTY TREAT HMMMM Home made granola and some Godiva Chocolate Pearls. YIPEE I have gotten them for my swap partners but never have gotten myself any.
E = EWE MAKE IT This could be something she makes for me or something for me to make. Barbara sent something she made me, a potato chip scarf which you can see being modeled in the next two photos by Solara. It is nice to receive one. I have knit several but always give them away.

Here she is saying Oh Mother not another photo.

R = REGIONAL ITEM This is a tray from where she comes from. With a BBQ and table outside this will come in handy.
Y = YUMMY YARN Here are two skeins of Boa in a PINK color I received and
three skeins of something called Bird of Paradise another eyelash type yarn.
I have it on my blog but won't be posting it until tomorrow as I need to take one more photo in the daylight outside first.

My package is on it's way to its destination and should be there this week. My name is on the outside but I think I forgot to include it on the inside. Sorry-------.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Scavenger Swap Package...

Here is my fantabulous Swap package from Joyce.  Here's what was in it:

M - The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.  I've never heard of it, but it sounds like a fun read and just what I like.  The book had the most adorable bookmarker tucked in - the marker part has a picture of a row of 8 little kittens and then there's a cat shaped bead on the tassle part.  

Y - Two yummy yarns - a pale lemon chenille from Crystal Palace (with a cool Flower Power Cloth pattern that I'll use that on) as well as a gorgeous colorway of Araucania yarn, perfect for a pretty pair of socks.

S - The funniest almost naked knitter, relaxing on her little chaise and knitting away.

T - Scrumptious pecan biscotti, dipped in chocolate.  It really hit the spot this morning as I was stumbling my way around in the half light of the new day, trying to get ready for work!

E - A really pretty brightly colored cloth in a great textured pattern.  That hit the shower with me this morning, along with...

R - Some wonderfully smelling goat's milk soap - the scent is "Autumn in New Hampshire".  No clue if New Hampshire really smells like this, but if it does, I should move, LOL.

Y - Several items in this category:  A little mini sewing tote with threads, needles, tape measure, etc., perfect for small repairs (and it has little handles so I can hang it in full view, since I can never find that kind of stuff when I need it!).  The cutest little box decorated with a Mary Engelbreit design and nestled inside in a sachet bag were the most beautiful stitch markers, made by Joyce's daughter!  A matching little note pad.  A mini book on Feng Shui.  Ms. Manicure matchbook emery boards and a 4-in-1 keychain (nail buffers and files).  A really sweet Warren Kimble picture frame in the shape of a cat - I will put the fur babies pix in there.

It seemed like the box had no bottom when I was pulling the stuff out, but I think I've covered everything.  All the items were something I would have picked for myself, so Joyce was right on target with her choices!  

Thank you, Joyce, for a terrific swap box! ~ Valerie K

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Sequoia Pullover Murder Solution

It would have been impossible for her to hide the paper inbetween pages 159 and 160 - just open up any book and try it and you will see why.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Swap Package

I received my swap package from Valerie today - and just look at all that was in it~ I'm overwhelmed!

M - mystery book(s) were Raveling by Peter Moore Smith, and Guilt by John Lescroart. I haven't read either of these books or either of these authors before so I'm really looking forward to them.

Y - yummy yarn - Valerie really took the 'yummy' part seriously. There was a skein of Alpaca & Silk yarn from Chestnut Bay Fibers, a skein of Araucania which I have been wanting to try forever, and two skeins of Bamboo Zania in very pretty purple/lavender and blue shades.

S - Something Silly - a "cow pie"which is described on the box as Rich chocolate Cream Caramel and Fresh pecans" (is your mouth watering?)

T - Tasty treats, included more chocolate from Wisconsin. chocolate teddy bears, chocolate cows, and a Badger Claw (White coating over creamy caramel and fresh pecans).

E- Ewe make it - Valerie made me a dishcloth that she made with the outline of the state of Maine and ME on it and as I told her, and also sent a pattern for lacy wrist warmers for me to make.

R - Regional Items - Coffee and tea from Berres Brothers in Wisconsin (I'm thinking Wisconsin has a lot more than cheese!) and some Mini Minit one cup filters, which I've never seen before.

Y - Your choice - Valerie's choice was the cutest little bamboo crochet hook which will be great for picking up all those stitches I drop and for weaving in ends, some pocket sewing scissors, and some emery boards, both of which I am always hunting for. And some great smelling scent seeds to be used in a drawer etc. which made the whole box smell great as soon as I opened it.

What an amazing package! Thank you so much Valerie!