Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Seven Resolutions for 2007

Even though I already listed these resolutions on my own blog, I thought I'd join in on the fun here. So here are 7 Resolutions for 2007.

  1. Knit Sweaters. I have this mental block about sweaters. I'm pretty sure it comes from my time of knitting when I was a young girl and knew nothing about the mystery of gauge or the intricacies of substituting yarns. My sweaters were absolute disasters of gigantic proportions. Now I want to get over this fear I have of knitting sweaters. In fact I've already started one!
  2. Spin more yarn! I just bought a new wheel and I'd like to make the most of it.
  3. Knit what I spin. I have only used my handspun for one project, which was one little afghan block. This year I'd like to use my handspun for bigger projects like socks or a shawl.
  4. Lose weight. I've been steadily losing about 2lbs a month for the past 6 months or so. For 2007 I'd like to continue this trend and keep losing the weight by eating less and exercising 3 times a week.
  5. Get my Christmas presents out on time. This year I'd like to get my Christmas presents to their recipients to them by Christmas. I had them all knitted by Christmas of 2006, but I just didn't make it to the Post Office on time. Better planning this year is called for!
  6. Buy more yarn. Like my friend Alison, one of my resolutions is to buy more yarn. The reason for this is much like hers. I have the means to buy the yarn and a large stash may just come in handy one day, like during an earthquake, but I also need to stop agonizing over every single yarn purchase I make. I use the yarn I buy and none of it really languishes in a stash. So I need to stop feeling so guilty over it too.
  7. Get more involved. I'd like to become more involved in KALs. Knitting communities are very special places that hold very special people and I'd like to involved myself more and get to know more people.
So there you have it! My 7 resolutions for the year 2007! And just so you know I already have the book for January so I'm trying to start resolution number 7 as we speak. Also, I started a sweater last night, so there's a start to resolution number 1!


dobarah said...

Oh, I would love to know how Getting Your Christmas Presents out on time goes. I'm lucky if I get mine out by Valentine's Day!

Jane said...

I think you are the first to say 'buy more yarn' - I like that!