Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I hope that everyone who shared their Christmas decorations on the blog has received their Whoduknit bookmark, in time to keep your place in our January book!
I really enjoyed reading your New Year's resolutions, and plan to adopt some of them myself (notice I didn't post any?) They were all so thoughtful that there was no way to pick the best so I put your names into the random number generator in the order of your posts, and Debbie Wickum aka Dobarah was the winner! You will be receiving a surprise in the mail Debbie - something that will help you fulfill your resolutions. It is such a surprise, that I don't even know what it will be yet LOL.
Thank you all for sharing - you are the best!


dobarah said...

Oh My! I had to reread this just to be sure my eyes aren't all messed up. It was my pleasure to share...WOW! Thank you...I just love surprises!

Rohanknitter said...

My bookmark hasn't come yet....but I'm on the lookout......