Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dead Until Dark Project & Prize

My project for Dead Until Dark is also a cowl for Sookie to wear to hide the bite marks on her neck.
It should probably be red, to blend in with the blood but It's cream colored Reynolds Baby Alpaca yarn.
This cowl is also the project prize for this book....along with some other let's see your projects!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

October Project

The time of year is perfect for this! This is a short wrap-around neck warmer that tucks in under your coat lapels or opened jacket zipper. It also serves as a stylish bite-hider. Sookie would have worn this after going to the vampire bar and barely escaping the raid. Even though she and Bill got away, the roving police cruiser pulled them over for being i"n the wrong place at the wrong time." But with this neatly tucked under her coat, Sookie would look cool as a cucumber and warm too. This is knit out of a little less than one skein of baby alpaca yarn. I made the buttons out of polymer clay. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm off to Virginia!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Project Prize Received - Thank You Vigdis!

Christmas at my house in November! I am totally stunned - I got the most excellent prize from Vigdis today for my Plains Crazy project. First, there was this gorgeous felted bag, with a cute felted flower and wooden handles - I couldn't have picked colors I loved better! - and I thought that was the prize. But then...when I got it all the way out of the wrappings, tucked in it were 4 skeins of GarnStudio Camelia yarn, 100% wool SW, in a lovely dark golden mustard. And then...there was a book called Ocean Breezes, with tons of beautiful scarf patterns (some of which would look great with my new yarn!). And then...a little wrapped package with 3 beaded stitch markers (and they match the yarn color!). And lastly...a DP needle holder (which I confess my sneaky cat must have seen, as he snagged it out of the bag when I wasn't looking - I got it back from him before any damage was done!).

Thank you so much Vigdis, this is more than I ever could have imagined and I LOVE everything! ~ Valerie K

Nate's life

Second job was slow last night and I had plenty of time to read on my book. I finished New Moon. It is book two in the Twilight series. My oldest daughter is wanting me to read them all. Started Eclipse last night. It is book three in the series. I am listening to Harry Potter six on CD. I have already read the book, but re familiarizing myself with it in anticipation for the next movie. I am also listening to Greg Iles Turning Angel on CD. It is for another book club I belong too. On the knitting front, I finished a scarf and started another one. Nate

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hugh Dunnit Returns Solution

Solution - As most of you figured out - If Mr. Lacy was innocent he would have assumed that his wife was shot when he saw the gun and would not have known that she was clubbed to death with it.

Yes, our famous detective Hugh Dunnit is back to solve another mystery. This time he has been called to the scene of the murder of Lacey Wate who had been fatally struck on the head with the butt of a pistol. The .38 had been found near the body. Hugh Dunnit's brother Howie Dunnit was the first to arrive at the scene. He had already telephoned Lacy's husband at his office and told him to hurry home. By the time Mr. Wate got there the ambulance with Lacy's body in it had already driven off. He rushed up to Hugh Dunnit shouting "What happened? Where is my wife?" "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, said Lt. Dunnit, but your wife was murdered about two hours ago. Your cook found the body in the den where she had been knitting and listening to a murder mystery on her ipod." Howie Dunnit interrupted, holding the weapon wrapped in a handkerchief. "I'll take this to the lab and have it tested for fingerprints," he said. Mr. Wate's facial muscles twitched with emotion as he stared at the gun. Suddenly he grabbed Lt. Dunnit's arm and said "find the murderer who clubbed Lacey to death. I'll put up a $100,000 reward!"
"Save your money," said Lt. Dunnit. "The murderer won't be that hard to find!"

Why not?

E-mail your answers to me privately ( by midnight on Saturday, November 22 for a chance to win a prize!

Monday, November 17, 2008

newbie here

Hello Jane!
Thanks for an inviation to join this one. It is so new to me and I never knew about this and I think that it is so neat to learn new.. wow..
I do love to knit...
I am from Austin, Texas. I love to make crafts with my own hands to keep me busier!
Hugs, Shawn Stewart

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whoduknit (members only) Holiday Swap

(For whoduknit members only)

Sign-ups are open for our Holiday Swap. For this swap you will be exchanging a handmade holiday ornament, a holiday themed book, and a holiday recipe with your pal. The ornament can be knit, crochet, plastic canvas, fabric, cross stitch, beaded, etc., or even purchased at a craft fair, and of course the book can be used. You can also include a small treat but you should be able to fit everything into a 'puffy' to keep the postage down. Sign-ups will end November 12, and pals will be assigned by November 15. Swaps should be mailed out by December 15. To sign up E-mail me ( with your:
Full Name:
Mailing address:
E-mail address that you check frequently:
Blog if you have one:


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tricky Treater!

I received a mysterious package in the mail a few days ago, and it contained lots of cool Halloween stuff, including candy, a notepad and some candy corn shaped cards. I was especially thrilled with the alpaca sock yarn! It's such a beautiful fall color, and my mysterious benefactor also included a lovely Shetland lace sock pattern. I've since learned her identity, so now I can thank Stephanie! The picture isn't the best, but you can see how spoiled I was! If we had smello-blog capability, you could also smell the pumpkin candles. Thanks for a wonderful swap!

Trick or Treat Swap

I received a great Trick or Treat Swap from Lilli in Kansas. First I had to get the approval of the parcel police.

Once I got past them, I was able to get to my goodies.

Four balls of yarn no less and 2 patterns to go with them. A witch and a candy corn illusion which I'm looking forward to making as I have not tried an illusion pattern. Some scary books, although the husband has reassured me that the Stephen King will be OK. Some Halloween decorations and some candy which I have included in the photo before it gets demolished.

A very good gift box. Thank you.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trick or Treat Swap Picture

Thanks, Danielle, for a wonderful swap! I posted earlier about what was sent, but here is the picture.

On the top when I opened the box was a pattern for a Seafoam Lace and Eyelets Scarf, which is lovely. And the yarn to make it is three colors: orange Knit Picks "Vacation" (I've never used Knit Picks yarn before, and I'm excited to work with this), a multi-colored orange/yellow, aqua Knit Picks "Get Away", and Bernat glow in the Dark (my knitting DD promptly held it under the light then hunched over it to see if it really does glow in the dark, and it does). These colors are my youngest DD's absolute favorite colors, and I can't wait to make the scarf for her.

There is, excuse me, WAS, a popcorn ball, and a Pez jack-o-lantern candy dispenser (back to my childhood I go!), some Livermore mints, a cute little coin purse (maybe to hold the stitch markers when I'm not using them?), a candy corn comedian which is a stuffed candy-corn that tells jokes, a ghost pin and some adorable ghost stitch markers, which, I found out when I was putting away my knitting for the evening, also glow in the dark. There is a very sweet crocheted butterfly magnet, a very cute Thanksgiving pumpkin decoration, which now adorns my decorative shelf in the kitchen, and two books by one of my favorite mystery authors, Leslie Meier, Trick or Treat Murder (how perfect is that?!), and Turkey Day Murder (looking ahead to next month).

Danielle, thank you so much! I feel very spoiled, and I love it! Oh, and there is one more thing, a little glitter sign that says: Best Witches!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat Swap!

I received my goodies on Monday last week, from Joyce L. . Sorry if it took this long to post. Life seems to always get in the way!

There was Chocolate goodies. A pumpkin potholder and a towel. A spicy pumpkin Yankee Candle, my favorite. Some lip gloss and a ghostly figurine. Little shakers to put in some nutmeg and Cinnamon for coffee. A lovely skein of Noro to knit the pattern, which is a tea cozy, and some stitch markers. Some holiday socks I wore on Halloween. And two books I haven't read. I hope I didn't forget anything!! Wait a minute, I did... Thank You!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hi, just wanted to put in a quick thank you to MaryLynn for the great swap package. I'm on my way to Philly right now and just found out the the pictures I took before I left are all blurry! I will retake the end of the week when I get home. There was a pumpkin cloth (so cute!), chocolate!!!, beautiful mohairy (?) yarn and an amulet scarf pattern, a book (can't remember the name...) a gorgeous batik knitting bag that is going with me to Philly, adorable litte spreaders...and, notepads! Someone must have told you I have a paper fetish! Little note pads all over. Thanks again, MaryLynn!

I'm back! This photo is much better than the one I took before. Thanks again, Mary Lynn!