Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Swap from Karen

I received my swap package from Karen today.  It was actually delivered yesterday but I didn't get it until today (does that make sense).

In any event, it was a fab swap box.  I apologize for the bad pic but my camera's batteries were dead and so this was taken with my cell phone.

Buffalo West Wing by Julie Hyzy . . . I have not read it and it includes recipes
One More Skein by Leigh Radford . . . I love one skein projects because my knitter's ADHD just kicks in if I make too big projects.
Knit Picks needles, 40 inch cable, size 2 . . . perfect for lace . . . my new passion (you can see one or two at my blog.
A really nice cloth, too pretty to use to wash dishes
A pair of yoga socks (they do fit)
A bar of loverly soap, which I won't use, but will put in amongst my yarns to make them smell loverly!
A skein of Lorna's Lace, Shepherd sock in Flamingo Stripe.  You can't really see the colors in the above photo but this one works:

isn't it loverly.

I have to be honest, I am going to hide the yarn from my 18 year old because she would claim it.

The very serendipity event of this swap was that when I saw the box that my swap came in, I laughed because, I had sent off my box to Karen in a Knitpicks box too!

Thanks so much Karen.  It was a grand swap.  It came on a perfect day with Cleveland being gloomy, gray and snowy.  I hope you enjoy your goodies too.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Book to read in January   is Murder on Monday by Ann Purser
Book to read in February is The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

Winter/Valentine's Day Swap assignments will be sent out Jan. 1 and deadline to your swap partner is February 16.  Please post photos of your goodies!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mindy - WOW! - thank you so much!

First of all - look at the BONANZA of books! I have glanced thru them and I do not think I have read the majority of them! Yee Haw!

And a beautiful crocheted cowl and hat - yarn - popping corn (I love popcorn) and can you see the trail mix has candy corn and pumpkins in it?

I forgot to put a trick in my box - but Mindy was a little devil and included one!!

Awesome swap - thank you so very very much!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Halloween Swap

Rush on over to the Whoduknit? yahoo group to see all the info for the upcoming Halloween Swap :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank you Martha!

Came home from errands (including the library where I bought some books I really dont need! LOL) to find a very heavy package on my doorstep.

Look why it was so heavy! Look at all those books! BONANZA!

And a beautiful scarf - and a gorgeous green ball of yarn - how did you know hubby and I love (probably to the consternation of our neighbors!) wind chimes! A lovely green butterfly (how much more springlike can you get? Add in the tussy mussy and it is definitely spring time!!!) windchime......a decadent sounding bar of!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring 2012 Swap Package from Nate

So, I was very surprised to get a box . . . I looked at the label and it said Nathan Lamirand.  Isn't it funny that when you are so used to think of someone using their nickname that when they use their full name, it causes you (or at least me) to go "who?"

Then it clicked in and I was very excited.  I opened the box and it was bright . . . really, really bright.  This is a perfect bag to carry my knitting or for shopping or taking on vacation with the summer reading that was also included.

Nate also included books by some of my most favorite authors.  Kathy Reichs, James Patterson, Robert Ludlum.  I have to admit that I have already read two of the books BUT the cool thing is that I can share them with my swappee . . . since I haven't finished to put the package together yet . . . I not only have the box to send the stuff in but I have some books to include . . . and they are awesome reads.  Really, really good.

Nate also included two skeins of yarn.  The yarn is very soft.  I like to make hats for our Christmas hat/mitten/scarf tree and these yarns are perfect for that project.  The yarns are soft and the colors are lovely.

And here is the box unpacked . . . six books, two skeins of yarn and the incredible bag.  I really love the colors in the bag.  

Thanks so much, Nate.  It is a great box.