Friday, January 13, 2012

The Christmas/New Year package from Maureen

 I want to post the pics from my wonderful package that I received from Maureen.  The box was packed with goodies (I am really impressed with all that she managed to get in there!).
The big reveal

Maureen added great notes to the packaging . . . "fun with socks, shawls and ?????."  

Two books, which I have not yet read (The Scull Beneath the Skin by PD James and Playing for the Ashes by Elizabeth George).  I am looking forward to reading both.

A bag of walnut brittle.  A box of peanut brittle.  A box of mixed candies (the white box in the front on the pic below . . . ummmm, I would show you what was inside but what was there isn't anymore . . . ).  A Sacramento coffee cup.  A skein of On Your Toes bamboo yarn.  A "sock purse" with stitch markers . . . very clever ones that are supposed to remind you that this is a decrease or increase row.  A packet of 10 Bamboo Marking Pins that might just work in my hair.  A book of Knitting Flowers.  

and the goodies revealed . . . and enjoyed

And the timing was perfect.  We have had a very very mild winter so far.  A remarkable thing for Cleveland, Ohio.  I've only worn my winter coat a handful of times.  Usually, we are knee deep in snow by this time.  Yesterday morning, when I left the house it was 40.  When I got home, it was 42.  I went to deep water aerobics at 7:30 and it was 35.  When I got home at 9:15, it was 27.  This morning, it was 17, with a wind-chill that brought the temp to -2.  Oh, and it was snowing.

From my office, I look over a park, Cleveland City Hall, the Amtrak station and the Browns' Stadium.  This is what I could see this morning.

Cleveland, in winter
Okay, so the trees block some of it, but really and truly, the Browns have bright orange seats which just yesterday, I could see from my window.  Today, it is just that grayish/white blob to the right (I have to tell you though that those same trees and the park are just loverly in the summer.)

In any event, Maureen's package arrived just in the nick of time.  I will have a wonderful time, snuggled up either knitting or reading, munching away on my peanut brittle.  Thanks so much and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 02, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Swap Package

Well I am finally getting around to posting photos of a most wonderful package I received from Mindy in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap.

I will start with a photo of all my goodies together.

Since I am having a terrible time trying to get these photos on here.  I can find them and get them but can't get them on the blog or actually can't close the box after I find them and load them so I am going to have to post this on the group site.  Sorry folks.