Sunday, January 14, 2007

What do you do with leftover yarn?

When Deb posed this question on the Yahoo list there were so many interesting replies I thought I'd compile them here on the blog. Here was Deb's question:

What do you do with all the left over yarn that you have when you finish a project? It's not enough to do another one and as addicted as we are to yarn, it's not enough to throw away, so what do you do with it?

And..the answers:

From Stephanie:
In the past I've taken bits of similar weight yarns and made mittens.
I just make it into one big ball and start knitting. Toddlers
especially seem to like the crazy look. My daughter will also use
bits for whatever project she's making. (Gluing yarn in weird shapes
on notebooks seems to be most in vogue among middleschoolers) I've
also given parts of balls to Girl Scouts and other groups where kids
are being taught to knit. MOSTLY though, they go in a trunk where I
wonder what I'm going to do with them.

From Linda:
Well I just started knitting my 8 year old daughter a pair of socks and
I said to myself "self" you could just use all your little balls of left
over yarns to make her socks with. I need to figure the yardage but I think
it might work!!

From Karen:
If you crochet (and with this, anyone can), I make these. You make them throughout and towards the end of the year you have enough to make yourself a blanket, or a blanket to donate.

From Janet:
I've mentioned several times all of the kid mittens I've done this
fall and winter. I've just been using worsted or DK weight most of
the time. Since a couple of grandsons are very small, it doesn't
take much yarn to do them, and when running short of a particular
color, I've done stripes with something else I don't have much of.

With fancier yarns, a plain scarf can become spectacular with a mix
of multiple colors and multiple yarns. Hats are another way to use
up bits and pieces.

From Vigdis:
knit blankets :-)

I take the yarn with me when we go to our hut in the mountains, and while I'm there I knit blankets in garterstitch. I usually have to of them, one in fingering and one in heavier yarn. And they lie there tempting guests to knit :-) And the funny thing is that almost everyone has to try!!! I usually cast on about 20 stitches, so that it doesn't get too heavy to hold. In this way I get to use ALL my leftovers. Great!!

From Patty:
What I do with some of the left over yarn is that I cut it into 1
inch lengths and place it in a special holder I have in my bird
cages and my little finches make nests out of it. I also place some
outside and watch the wild birds and squirrels take it and make
nests with it. Just like helping the little guys for their gals.

From Jane:
We all have those little bits of yarn that we just can't throw away. How about this magic ball ? I used this method to make this 'magic ball felted bag' Details are on my blog. It would also be a great way to make a one-of-a-kind scarf.

Any more ideas?

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