Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is a costume BUT it isn't me. HEE HEE. It is my feline furtoddler Solara who was an elephant tonight. She didn't seem to mind to much tying it on and posing when I put it on her on Wednesday evening.
BUT tonight this is what she thought of the idea of dressing up.



....I am sorry I cheated. I read the second in the series, The House on the Cliff. In it Mr Hardy gets taken captive and there were NO cell phones in those days to call for help. His sons find his hat and it has BLOOD on it. So I thought Mr Hardy needed a new hat. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to knit one so I bought one. I got a newsboy cap in black which I hope I can eventually use but it may be too small. AND here it is.
A front view.

A side view.

September Project

My project this month started out as a throw only - I found this fun fabric and got a solid yellow backing for it. The fabric kind of reminds me of sock monkeys, which remind me of the '50s, around the time the Trixie Belden series started (although sock monkeys were being made in the '30s, the company making the red heeled sock did not include a pattern with their socks until the '50s). I used this handy dandy tool I found on the net called a Skip Stitch Blade - it fits on a regular rotary cutter and pierces small slits along the length of fabric - perfect for crocheting on an edge or sewing it together (I did a blanket stitch on this one). A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the store where I got the fabric and they had the same fabric in the remnant pile - just big enough for a nicely sized pillow to match. So that's on the burner now, too! ~ Valerie K

Trick or Treat Swap

On Tuesday I got my WhoDuKnit Trick or Treat package from Patty, who did a great job with the cute wrapping thing.
(I fear that my wrapping jobs may leave something to be desired some days!)

She sent treats that included chocolates, warm and fuzzy socks, Halloween music, and some autumn candles.

Of course there was yarn and books as well, since this is an online Knit and Read group! Three great sounding books, at least one of which Hubband will probably read when he is done with his latest Terry Pratchett. There is some really pretty Peaches and Cream dishcloth cotton with a pattern I haven't seen before, and some great looking fall colored sock yarn with a pattern as well.
Thank you Patty! This was a great treat and I am looking forward to making the dishcloth as soon as my shawl is done (which means it will be going on our trip tomorrow just in case).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Which Witch

Which Witch am I?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghostly Riddles

What's the polite way to greet a ghost?

What do you call the skeleton of a door-to-door salesperson?

What's the scariest lake in the world?

What do ghosts eat in Italy?

How do you make a milk shake?

What should you do when you leave a haunted house party?

Send your answers to me ( by midnight on Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


YUP my Whoduknit Halloween Swap package arrived from Maureen who lives in Calgary. What did I receive? I got a lovely skein of Patons Classic Wool in rich red tweed which looks more rust colored. It is a very lovely color and this photo just doesn't do it justice.
I also received a full pound of Red Heart Orange Acrylic yarn. I guess this the trick Maureen sent me since I am not a fan of orange. Orange just doesn't look good on me. I can wear salmon if it has a lot of pink in it. I am not crazy about knitting with this color even when I have to for a swap but I do if I must. See how large a skein it is. Solara weighs in at about 13 pounds.
I received four wonderful books I look forward to reading. AND no Maureen I certainly don't mind that you sent USED books. I send USED books also. AND in this group sending used books is perfectly acceptable. I pass a lot of books I read on. In case you can't read the titles they are.
1. Beware the Mummy's Curse The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker
2. Ten Great Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe There are many timeless short stores in this book I am sure I have read these many many many years ago but these are the kind of great short stories that can be read over and over again.
3. The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories by Henry James
4. Wordsworth Classics M.R. James Collected Ghost Stories
I also received a lovely pattern for a cabled Beret. Check out the cabled design on it. It can be found on Ravelry.

Last BUT not least I received "EYEBALLS". Isn't it funny how some photos can come out really great and others don't. They are actually candies or were candies since they have all been eaten BUT I have absolutely perfect vision now.
AND my package is on its way to someone in the group.

Hallooween photos

So here is a couple of photos of our halloween in 2006. What fun!!!

Trick or Treat Swap package

I received my amazing Trick or Treat Swap package from Deb W. yesterday. The gorgeous yarn (2 skeins) is from Fern's Fiber Studio in West Liberty Ohio, and she had it dyed especially for me! The dishcloth is a schoolhouse design hand knit by Deb (she is a teacher too). The card is adorable as is the pair of ghost socks which will be my Halloween costume for our school party. The books is "Ghost Hunger's Guide to Indianapolis" I love real-life ghost stories! She also sent the holiday issue of Creative Knitting, which I didn't have. And, for the treat - some hand-dipped chocolate covered oreo cookies from her local candy shop! Thank you Deb for your very generous package!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

At last--the shawl!

Remember P.D. James and the famous circular lap blanket? I finally blocked and photographed the finished shawl, which took 3 times the yarn of the original lap blanket. Just showing it off--this is NOT a Nancy Drew project.

Sharon C.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nancy Drew project

For September I read The Secret in the Old Lace. For my project I made an Old Shale Smoke Ring, figuring that it was lace, and "old pattern," and the secret is that it is for my mom for Christmas. (Thus, I am not blogging about it at home!)

I also read The Clue in the Jewel Box, and I have a necklace designing in my head to go with this bracelet I made last year, but I am not certain I will have it done before the end of the month to count as a project!

Trick or Treat Package from Barbara

I had posted this on my blog but wanted to be sure that you all got to see the package that I got from Barbara as part of the Trick or Treat swap!

These pics really don't do this package justice. It is fabulous and I hope I don't forget anything. The package included

  • two books, Kay Hooper's If there be Dragons and Greg Iles' Third Degree (both of which I will take for my trip next week).

  • Two skeins of Patons' Kroy Sock stripes in great browns, oranges (more burnished oranges than orange orange) and black, along with a patter for the Old Shale Smoke Ring.

  • It also included a bat washcloth (and your knitting is incredibly neat and precise)

  • A knitted bookmark

  • two packets of M&M limited editions (razzberry and wild cherry)

  • a package of limited edition Margarita Jello

  • a handful of dumdum suckers

  • halloween socks that make noise (gee should I wear them on the plane coming back from DC on Halloween?).

  • And, this is great, a loaf of bread. A wonderfully beautiful loaf of bread.

Thanks so much Barbara. This was an incredible package.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is a Vampire's Favorite Drink? Solutions


1. Why did the Vampire get fired from the Blood Bank? H got caught drinking on the job.

2. Where did the vampire open his savings account? At the blood bank.

3. What's it like to be kissed by a vampire? A pain in the neck!

4. Why did the vampire take cold medicine? To stop his coffin.

5. Why are vampires like false teeth? The come out at night.

6. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frost bite.

7. Why did the vampire's lunch give him heartburn? It was a stake sandwich

8. What does a weight-conscious vampire drink? A Blood Light

9 . What is a vampire's favorite game? Batmitten

10. What is a vampire's favorite drink? A bloody Mary

E-mail me privately ( by midnight, Saturday, Oct. 18 for a chance to win a prize!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Save the Children - Pass this information on!

Charity Feature - as posted on Lion Brand's website:

Four million babies die each year within the first month of life in poor countries. Save the Children and the Warm Up America! Foundation have joined forces to encourage people who knit and crochet to make hats for newborns.

This simple solution, which provides warmth to newborn babies can help improve the survival rate. "We are thrilled to partner with Save the Children on this initiative," said Mary Colucci, executive director of Warm Up America! Foundation.

"We are encouraging knitters and crocheters of all ages to host gatherings with friends and families, local community groups, or classmates, and to help us spread the word through their social networking sites."

The caps will be distributed to pregnant women and new mothers and their babies in Save the Children's global programs. Early next year, Save the Children will also take the notes to the President-elect in Washington, D.C.

Celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing (of Will and Grace and The Starter Wife) and Lisa Edelstein (of House) have picked up needles and hooks to participate. Knitters and crocheters can make hats using any pattern they wish, but keep in mind that because the babies that Save the Children serves are often low birth-weight, the caps should be on the smaller side.
A circumference of 9 to 11 inches is ideal. Any smooth, washable yarn can be used. You can go to

Save the Children website by clicking here. For information and patterns from Lion's brand, you can go here.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

September Project Prize

Post a photo or a description of your September project for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books by October 31 and you could win this prize!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been awhile since I've joined a swap and I'm glad I decided to sign up for the Halloween swap. I'll be mailing my treat to someone whom shall remain nameless at the moment by next week. I just about have the gift ready to mail. However, I was treated today when the mailperson arrived and I received these goodies from Mindy in Ohio. Included in the package is a pattern for a mystery mask. Thank you, Mindy!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Addi Turbo Murder Solution

Solution: You were all correct - it was Maizie!

1. The watch could not have been broken during a fight. It was clear that there was not a fight because Mr. Montera was stabbed in the back through his chair. So, the time was a setup.
2. The mess and the coffee was a setup, because there was no fight and it would be a little difficult for Lana to enter and put on some gloves to fight with a cup of coffee in her hands
3. The last proof is that the cup of coffee only had one type of fingerprints. If Maizie touched the cup (which she says she did), there should be some fingerprints of hers on it, unless she was wearing some gloves.

And the winner in the random drawing this week is Kim!

The police were checking the place. Outside, Maizie, Mr. Montera's faithful secretary, was a mass of nerves. Lt. Dunnit was reviewing the facts:

1. Mr. Montera has been murdered. The murderer buried an Addi Turbo Circular needle through the back of the chair and right through his heart. (You all know how sharp and addi turbo is, right?)

2. All the place was a mess, but nothing seems to be lost. Some sheets on his desk had coffee stains, but Mr. Montera was not a coffee drinker. There was no coffee container of any kind in the office. There were a couple of gloves in the floor.

3. Maizie had just three names in her appointment book: Jo Jo Land (2:35), Donny Tweed (3:10) and Lana D'Oro (3:45). Maisie says that Lana was the only one to serve herself a cup of coffee in a paper cup.

4. The cup of coffee was found in Maizie's wastebasket. She claims that Lana entered Mr. Montera's office with the cup in her hands, and then she left it on her desk, so she took it and threw it away.

5. The knitting needle had no fingerprints at all, but the paper cup was all covered with one type of fingerprint: Lana's. (they had a mobile fingerprint lab).

6. Mr. Montera's wristwatch was broken, probably due to the fight, and it showed the time at 3:50.

Who did Lt. Dunnit Arrest and why?

E-mail your answer to me by midnight, Saturday, October 11 (

check this one out

Hi all, I thought that you who knit socks might need a challenge. So, I want you to check this out.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Suicide or Murder? Solution

Solution: Had Hank Gram shot himself on the bench during the windstorm, the blood from the sound would not have descended in a solid line down his face. The wind would have smeared it over his face and spattered in on his clothes. Therefore, Ms. Dunnit knew he had been kiiled somewhere else and the suicide faked. And...the winner of the drawing this week is Kathy (aka Aunt Kathy) who finall got one right! >VBG<

The corpse of Hank Gram, owner of a large yarn company, sat facing the ocean on the deserted northern end of the boardwalk at Ocean City, slumped to the right against the arm of the stone bench. From the bullet wound in the center of his forehead dried blood descended in a solid line down the right side of the his face, staining his white collar and hand knit blue tie.
"A trash collector discovered the body at eight this morning", Lt. Hugh Dunnit told his sister, Ms. Dunnit. "Death occurred between midnight and two this morning", said Hugh Dunnit. Ms. Dunnit studied the pistol on the boardwalk. "You're convinced it's suicide?" she asked. "Gram has been despondent over the recent failure of his yarn company", replied Lt. Dunnit. "Last night he attended a party. Afterward, the whole group drove out here in several cars to eat hot dogs from the hot dog stand on the beach. It turned cold and a windstorm arose that didn't let up until dawn. Around 11 P.M. Gram excused himself and went outdoors. His friends got worried about him, but after waiting until 1 A.M., they figured he had gone home alone in his car. This wasn't the first time Gram had moodily walked out of a party in the past few weeks, said Lt. Dunnit. But nobody suspected he'd ever take his own life."
"He didn't", said Ms. Dunnit.
How did she know?
E-mail me with your answer ( by midnight on Saturday, October 4.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ask and you shall recieve.....

Originally uploaded by kadezmom
Yep, I'm plain crazy for this one. The long one is current (until tomorrow) through clue 4. The shorter one is my feeble attempt to catch up so that I can be done in time for my mother-in-law's birthday!

Can't wait to see where everyone else is at. This has been more fun than I imagined.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Plains Crazy Project

Bling for Judy!! There really is a fantabulous crystal store in Paris, but until Judy gets there, she can wear this! ~ Valerie K