Friday, February 29, 2008

Mystery Yarn Ball


I received my mystery yarn ball from Mary today. What a nice end to the week! The yarn is Bernat "Black Lites" bulky acrylic, and the pattern is the Trio knit tote bag from Crystal Palace Yarns. I've been wanting to make this bag ever since I first saw it and now I have the incentive to do it! There were also some extra goodies in the package (I guess she couldn't fit them in the yarn ball!) Some bath fizzies, hand cream, a cute tulip candle, and a note pad. I'll post another picture after I've knit enough to unwind the goodies from the yarn ball.

Thank you Mary!

I took advantage of the snow storm yesterday (you know, the lion?) to knit my mystery yarn ball pattern.

Here are the goodies that fell out of the ball: Some cute tea themed charms, a bag of plastic stitch markers, yarn needles, a cute mini-frame, and some really pretty hand made (by Mary) stitch markers.

I kept going - and here is the finished knitting bag. I love it, and it really stretches to hold a LOT of yarn!

Thanks again Mary!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthright Project and Prize

This illusion heart scarf is for Carrie. It symbolizes her illusion about who her parents really were, and also her illusions about her x-husband, who turned out not to be "X" at all! The hearts of course, symbolize her love for her parents, her husband, and her job.

I used Vanna's Choice yarn for the scarf so that it would be washable (it was actually a Valentine gift for my granddaughter) I liked the yarn - it was soft and easy to knit with - actually felt a lot like knitting with wool.

The prize for this project contest will be the yarn and pattern to make this scarf (or anything else you want to make with it of course)
So post your projects before March 15!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love is... entry (Ashleah from MD)

Love is...

Wearing a horrid sweater, marked with many errors, just because it was the first sweater your girlfriend made and she gave it to you.

Learning to love said sweater over time, and wearing it any chance you can get.

Asking her to make you another sweater, now that she's had about two more years' experience with two pointy sticks.

Receiving the new sweater but wearing the old one more often, because you find you like it better.

Finding the flaws endearing and interesting, just like your girlfriend.

Dedicated to John.

p.s. You said it had to be up by Sunday, February 16, but Sunday is the 17th! Hope I'm still okay.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love Is . . . by Joyce in NH

Love is . . . DH running into the bathroom every time wife is tossing her cookies/upchucking/worshiping the porcelain god (you get the idea) while pregnant with each baby, to fan her with magazines and lift her hair off her neck. Then one evening while he is away at a church meeting, love is . . . two little boys in nightshirts, with knobby knees, following his example while Mommy is sick, fanning her and keeping her company. They'll make wonderful, caring husbands some day!

Valentine's Day Contest

One of the projects we do in my second grade class for Valentine's Day is a "Love is"...... bulletin board. It is always fun to see what the kids come up with for this assignment. There have been many favorites over the years, but I have to say that this year's favorite tops them all. "Love is.....scooping up the poop!" Now - can you think of any truer expression of your love than scooping up the poop? I think it's a metaphore for all of the things we do for love! So, for this contest, I'd like you to post your own "Love is"..... on the blog by Sunday, February 16. A winner will be drawn from all of the entries.
Prize for Valentine's Day Contest

Friday, February 15, 2008

Three Bags Full Project

For Three Bags Full I made two dishcloths.
There was more than one color of sheep after all!

Love Patty

Love is finding that special "baby" to be part of your family!

Welcome Coco!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is...laundry

Love is defined by the person who is giving it and for me that's washing someone else's dirty disgusting inside-out (you mean I have to touch them-bleeeeech!) socks.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is.... by Marlyn

When my stepkids do a special celebration for me the evening before Mother's Day (since they spend Mother's Day with their real mom).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love is...By Diane

My Love is snuggling in bed with my children when they were little andreading the Sunday funny papers!!
By: Diane


Here is my Three Bags Full project. YUP it is a sheep. What else could it be? This is from a pattern I got at Ram Wools. I had to substitute the yarn as what was called they didn't have but I think it still came out nice. I suggest a metal needle as I broke a non metal needle knitting it.

Love is...

Having someone to hug or to recieve a hug from when life is just the pits...or when life is so good you have to celebrate!

Love is......

Love is going to bed at night, laying down and realizing that there is a wet spot in the bed from a puppy. It just happens to be right where you lay and you have to get up and change the sheets without getting mad..........puppies gotta love um!


Lindz and Z dressed for dinner

Love is . . . allowing your sister to dress you for dinner . . . and coming your hair . . . and then giving her a hug (ick).

Love is:

Having someone to play with !!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Is....

puppy ears on your laptop when trying to do your homework!

Love is.......By Karen

I remember the old "Love Is..." cartoon that used to appear on the comics page in our newspaper. I bet I even still have some of them cut out and in a folder somewhere.
As for how I would finish the sentence today?
Love is...
washing, folding and putting away laundry so I don't have to.
Needless to say, most of my family could use a little work on this.
Karen Lauterwasser

Project for Three Bags Full

My project for Three Bags Full is.....A bag! The pattern is K1C2's Painted Diamonds Bag, made iwth PaintBox yarn. You can see the picture at this link.

Joan in West Texas

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

~ Lovely Prize Package ~

I received this lovely prize package for the Goals contest from our dear Jane last week ~ yes, its been a week so sorry. I've been sick in bed along w/tending to sick dc which the the girls just got sick yesterday ~ keep us in your prayers. The lovely goodies were definitely chosen for pampering. She made my day and I'm so looking forward to enjoying the entire thing when I'm 100%. ;D

Here is a pic and details of what she sent ~ enjoy!

I Love Cookies Original double chocolate chip cookie

Ghirardelli's assorted chocolate squares

Peaches and Pomegrantes ~ body butter, body wash and body scrub

Felted Soap kit ~ oh boy, a new craft

Popup book ~ Angels a celestrial celebration

~ I got something to read, something to pamper myself with, something to eat and something to make. Hey thats at least 3 of my goals. ;D Thank you very much Jane. I love it all.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Whoduknit Mystery Yarn Ball Swap


We had fun with this one last year, so I thought we'd try it again. Here is how it works:

You will send your pal:
1. A mystery Book
2. A mystery pattern for a small one-skein project and
3. A ball of yarn to knit the project with. is the fun part. You will wind small treasures up into the ball of yarn. Some of the treasures can be knitting related, such as stitch markers, row counters, stitch holders etc, but others can be treats to eat, vintage buttons, beads, ribbons, charms, anything at all that will fit into the ball of yarn. We had some pretty amazing things come out of our mystery balls in the last swap! You can check the blog archives (October 06) to see some of them. When you receive your mystery yarn ball and mystery pattern, you will knit the pattern, and as you knit, your treasures will fall out. It is a good idea to put the yarn ball into a basket or knitting bag so that you don't lose anything! When you are done, you can post pictures of all of your goodies and your finished project one the blog. Sound like fun? Here is how you sign up:

e-mail me ( and include:

1. Your whole name and address
2. An e-mail address that you check frequently
3. Your blog address if you have one
4. Your promise that you will fulfill your commitment in this swap, and that if at any time you find that you are unable to do so, you will contact me so that I can find an angel. It's no fun to be flaked out on in a swap!

This swap is open to Whoduknit members only.
Sign- ups will begin now and end on February 10.
Deadline for mailing will be March 10.
Packages should arrive no later than the first day of spring - March 21

Friday, February 01, 2008

Three Bags Full Project

Here is Miss Maple taking a well deserved knitting break! You can find the link for this 'knitting sheep' pattern on the sidebar. More details on my blog.