Saturday, January 06, 2007

My 2007 resolutions

I started this on the 2nd and now finally have time to finish. Maybe finding time should be my resolution! Actually my resolution was not to lose my temper so quickly or at all. Well hubby made me blow that one 3 days into the new year!! So I am just going to take every day, one day at a time, count to ten when I want to say something "nice". Or find some poem to recite when I feel the steam rising.
I did think of one thing I would like to do this year so I guess I will add it into my resolution. That would be to learn how to knit a sock!
I did complete my resolution I made last year. That was to start a blog and keep writing in it. Done. I guess in the back of my mind learning to knit was the other. (or more important, casting on!) Started.
So I will take each day, live each moment and look for the bright side of every situation. And start buying sock yarn!! Yippie!
Hope every one has a Happy Year!

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