Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday was an amazing day!

This posting is an early one for me...I have so much adrenaline pumping through my system when I woke up at 4:25 and my dd was to be on the bus to a speech meet at 4:30. (She got over there, but I sure hope she hit the restroom before the bus hit the road!)

Montana didn't get a snow day, but then again, as long as we can get enough kids to school, we normally count the day. I spent my day teaching and getting ready to drive the 1.5 hours to the local wrestling meet. My hubby even came in from the farm, so the hubby, dd, a friend and I headed to Chinook for an evening of wrestling. Before leaving town, we got the mail, and in it was an amazing surprise from our wonderful Jane! She sent items related to my New Years Goals...WOW!

I'm going to try her list of things to do. Tell me what you think:

1. Visit Whoduknit
2. Check Email
3. Knit
4. Read a book (I finished Crocodile last night!)
5. Eat some chocolate
6. Breathe in - Breathe out
7. Read some more
8. Knit some more
9. Eat more chocolate
10. Finish that book
11. Have a glass of wine
12. Wake up from my dream!

Yes, that would be a dream...but I like it! Dearest Jane...Do you have any Good Apple books?

Thank you SO much!

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