Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haunted House Mystery Solution

When Lt.Dunnit was in the upstairs bedroom he 'pushed open' the bedroom window to get a better look at the terrace.
Yet, Rip Herringbone said that he saw Hank Yarnover slide up the window and throw Purl to her death, so he concluded that Hank was innocent.
8 of you got the answer correct this time, and Patt Marcial won the drawing. Congratulations Patt!

Lt. Hugh Dunnit and his wife Knitty loved the house the real estate agent was showing him. It had everything they were looking for. Large rooms, and a modern kitchen on the ground floor, and best of all, the master bedroom on the second floor looked out over a beautiful terrace. As Lt. Dunnit pushed open the bedroom window to get a better look, the agent added that the house also came with a ghost!

"The ghost is Purl Yarnover", explained the agent. One year ago she was hurled from this very window. Her body was found on the terrace below. At first it was thought that it was a suicide or an accident, but then they realized that the window was closed when she was found. Her husband, Hank Yarnover, admitted that he had entered the bedroom and closed the window himself. It was a chilly day and he claimed that he didn't know his wife lay dead on the stones below. Of course he was sentenced to life___"

"On what evidence?" asked Lt. Dunnit. "His neighbor, Rip Herringbone, saw the whole thing. He had been out birdwatching and through his binoculars he had seen Hank Yarnover slide up the window and throw poor Purl to her death."

"I've decided not to buy the house," said Lt. Dunnit, but I'm going to see that Hank Yarnover is given a new trial."

Why? E-mail your answer to me personally - by next Saturday, May 31.

My Miss Silver Project

I haven't finished my project BUT I did want to show I was working on one. I was cruising along pretty well when I came to a point where I needed DPs that I did not have (can you believe it?). Anyway in my book Miss Silver was knitting a blue cardigan for her niece. Here is my blue cardigan; it's the sitcom cardigan from Knitty and based on designs from the 50s, so I thought that historically it was right on target as well. I'll post a photo when I get it done, too.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oops One more Project

I almost forgot I made a pair of socks last week, and in reading the post before mine I see socks is an acceptable project, woo hoo. So here they are... Child size rainbow slipper socks.

My May Project

Well I have yet to read along with the group. I just joined and didn't have a book for May. Therefore I don;t have any May projects except the Mystery Kal. It's funny as I started knitting it I thought it was a headband, then when I saw it was to be sewn together I thought it would hold those long stick matches... but why would anyone want to put matches inside a knitted sleeve??? Yeah my solving skills need some serious fine tuning.

The only part missing from my finished KAL is the button. I couldn't find my stash of buttons... where they are is a MYSTERY, lol. So I quickly ordered several sets from ETSY on the 13th, but they still have not been sent. So alas I must photograph without the button, just picture one there OK?

This first picture was taken with my sons camera, I get a much sharper picture but it messed up the color, here it is looking orangey
But the real color is PINK, my favorite and that is no MYSTERY.
Here is a close up, see how I tried to secure the flap down with the knitting needles, pathetic huh?
Well there you go. I am officially ready though for June. I have a PD James book on the way. Look out I will be knitting away in June, LOL

By the way in case I haven't introduced myself I am Aunt Kathy (AK for short) I am a grandmother, knitter, friend, mom and wife (in that order, lol) I live in Upstate NY (near Albany) but was born and raised in San Diego CA area.

That's all folks,

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I actually did manage to get a project finished for the Patricia Wentworth mystery I read. I read Danger Point. AND as usual Miss Silver was knitting baby stockings.

So I knit baby socks. I thought I would "kill two birds with one stone" as the old saying goes because they are going to be a present for a new grandma.

I even knit two pair of baby socks. They should fit a 3 - 6 month old. I knit them using left over fingering weight sock yarn. The pattern is from my 2007 knitting page a day calendar. AND the best part is how easy they were.

AND here they are.
Of course, I am putting a few other goodies in the package.

Now despite the time I need to have something to eat and get back to packing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Miss Silver Prize

The Miss Silver project prize (generously donated by Stephanie) is 5 skeins of vintage blue worsted weight wool AND a knitting pattern brochure from the 1930s AND The Wisdom of Nancy Drew which contains a "Get a Clue" Book and 12 classic cover magnets. So be sure to get your projects posted by the end of May!

The Case of the Murdered Musician/Solution

This one was just a little bit harder than the past mysteries, some of you were close - but there were only four correct answers, and the winner of the drawing was Danielle, who gave the answer "How the heck can you play a cello with a long sheath skirt?" Yup, that was it, she was wearing a long sheath skirt, so obviously she was not dressed to play in the concert and Merino was lying. As for the clue about the prize - No, unfortunately it is not a white Buick! Although I have one that I would like to give away! (Imagine DH's surprise when I tell him that it was a prize in one of my whoduknit contests!), and No, I'm not going knit Danielle a white sweater! The clue was in the name of the murderer - Dennis "Merino" (that would be Paton's Classic "Merino" Wool).

Thanks for playing - come back later for a new mystery contest!

The body of Rose Malabrigo lay beside her white Buick in the driveway of her home in Bangor, Maine. She had been murdered at 8 p.m., 15 minutes before she was due at the Bangor Civic Center to perform in a concert beginning at 8:30 p.m.
She had been shot twice. The first bullet had gone through her right thigh, leaving a large bloodstain on her long black sheath skirt. The second, fatal bullet, had gone through her heart, leaving a bloodstain on her white hand knit sweater. Inside the Buick was Miss Malabrigo's cello.
Lt. Hugh Dunnit was called to the scene and took statements from three people.

The neighbor, Mrs. Cashmiro, who found the body, said Rose had decided to attend the concert but not to play, because she had argued with her boyfriend, Dennis Merino, a fellow orchestra member. Rose hadn't practiced her cello or taken it from the car in a week.

Dennis Merino insisted that he and Rose had made up and she had told him she would play in the concert. She said that she would pick him up at 8:10 p.m. so they could drive together to the auditorium. However, she never showed up.

The the conductor of the orchestra said that the women members of the orchestra wore dark skirts and white tops and the men wore white jackets and black trousers. The orchestra members dressed at home. He added that Rose certainly could perform well without any practice, since the concert was a repeat program.

After reading the three statements, Lt. Hugh Dunnit immediately knew that Merino was lying. How?

E-mail your answers to me privately ( by Saturday, May 25. Not only is the clue to the answer in this story, but the clue to the prize in in there too!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss Silver Project

In the three Miss Silver books that I read she had been knitting either socks or baby items. In one she was knitting leggings for a baby and in another a 'coatee' for a baby. I made these for my sister's first grandchild. The colors might be a little bit brighter than those she had available, but she did seem to like to knit with blue yarn.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Worldwide Knit in Public Day 2008

So, the worldwide Knit in Public Day is scheduled for Saturday, June 14. Unfortunately, I have plans for that day and won't be anyplace with a group of knitters. BUT, I will be knitting anyway, as I troll along doing the things I will be doing.

If you are interested in finding out if there are any organized WWKIP events scheduled in your area, go to the website which can be found HERE!

A Poll is up and a couple of other things

You should have all received an email that there is a new poll open on our Yahoo!Group. Click here to access the poll. This poll will be to decide how we will pick our books for July/August, and maybe September. It will close on May 31. At that time, we will then decide on the genre of the books we will read. Finally, we will decide on the author and/or books.

Can you believe that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and the last full weekend in May! Phew! Time sure does fly by. Hope you are all working away on Lisa projects or the KAL or the Spring Swap or all of it!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at what I am knitting for my spring swap pal (shhh - don't tell Joyce Laurie!) Any guesses?

And this is how much yarn I had left over! Phew! Hmmm, now what can I do it?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mysteries Revealed!

First - the May Mystery KAL -It's a knitting needle cozy for Miss Silver - so that she has something to carry her needles around in when she is solving all of those crimes! The pattern was adapted from the Princess Needle Cozy by Classic Yarns . It really does hold quite a few pairs of needles - I have four in this one and could easily add a couple more. I found that the best way to put them in is pointed side up so that they don't come through the bottom of the cozy. I hope that you enjoyed knitting yours and will post your photos on the blog!

Two members guessed correctly what it was - Congratulations Valerie and Heather! If you two will send me your mailing addresses ( I will send you some personalized knitting note cards.

And...How did she know? While Tink was telling Miss Purl how he was going to kill her, she continued to plant the tulip bulbs. Little did he realize that she was planting them in a pattern. In the spring when Ms. Dunnit visited the flower gardens she could very clearly see "Tink killed me" spelled out in tulips.

At least this time you were all on the side of the law! 12 members guessed correctly - and the lucky winner is .... Aunt Kathy! Must be beginners luck! Choose a prize from the prize locker, send me your address, and it will be on it's way to you Kathy.

Be looking for a new Murder Mystery to solve later on today!

Friday, May 16, 2008


YUP I need 50 with an eyelash yarn for being so tardy in letting you all know I received my lovely felted roses. Aren't they lovely? Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
I loved them so much that is what I decided to make for my knitted gift in the Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap. We had to make or purchase a hand crafted item that shouted spring and I think these roses did just that.
I hope to get the photo and more posted on my blog this weekend.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How did she know?

On a crisp fall day, Ms. Dunnit's old friend Purl was planting a border of Tulip bulbs around her garden. She was very proud of her gardens but she knew that this was probably the last year she would be able to do the planting herself. She had suffered two heart attacks in the past year and her doctor had warned her that she would not survive another. It was late in the afternoon when she finally began the last row of planting. Suddenly a shadow fell across the flowerbed and she heard a voice say "Hello, Auntie". It was her good for nothing nephew, Tink, who was always begging for money. But, not this time - this time he announced that he had come to kill her! He knew, that although she had bequeathed her house and gardens to a museum with the stipulation that they keep them exactly as she had left them, the rest of her estate would be his. Tink had gambling debts that needed to be paid off and he had decided he could not wait for his aunt to die of natural causes.

Not knowing what else to do, Aunt Purl went on planting her tulip bulbs very carefully. Whatever happened she was determined to finish planting the garden. Suddenly she turned and saw Tink take something out of his pocket. It was a water pistol and he explained that it contained Amyl nitrate, which was a powerful heart stimulant. He began squirting her with it, knowing that it would cause a fatal heart attack and that by the time her body was found the rain that was predicted for later that day, would have washed all traces of the amyl nitrate away.

When Ms. Dunnit called to pay a visit the next day, she found Purl's corpse in the garden and called the police. The coroner ruled death by natural causes and no one (except Ms. Dunnit) saw any reason to doubt it. Tink inherited the bulk of her estate, except for the house and gardens, and promptly began squandering it on gambling and other unsavory activities.

In the spring Ms. Dunnit paid a visit to the police and told them she knew that her friend Purl had been murdered and she knew who did it!

How did Ms. Dunnit know that Tink had killed her friend?

E-mail your answers to me at (please don't comment on the blog - you'll give it away!) by Saturday, May 17.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Nurses Day!

Happy Nurses Day to all my fellow nurses on the list!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring Swap Yarn

I received my yarn from Joyce Laurie, my swap partner in the spring swap, today. It's my favorite yarn so I should have a problem coming up with a project to make with it.

She also sent an adorable cell phone bag which I love (including the candy!), and The Strand Magazine, which has short stories and interviews by Elizabeth George and Sue Grafton - can't wait to read it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mystery Swap, and Mystery gift!

This is my Mystery YarnBall Swap! And it’s from Kim! THANK’s Kim! I love it!!! It really, really made me smile and smile and smile! It’s so fun with these swaps. Unforunately they sometimes get lost. But then you just have to try agian, right? This did make my day!

And that wasn’t all! I got a mystery package moer. And that was from Steph. She sent me Hot tomales THANK’s, Steph! My camera said goodnight, so I don’t have any pictures of them…and now it’s a bit too late……i don’t know why….

But, really Kim….did you think I could wait to unravel all the goodies????? This was what was inside the beautiful yarn ( which I’m going to make a shawl of!) And Kim, you got me wanting to dye again, so tomorrow I’ll find everthing and start dyeing on Wednesday Thank’s again, love!