Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Resolutions

Everything that I've always read states that the best way to keep a resolution is to write them down and share them . . . so, thanks to this wonderful group and Jane's suggestion that we blog them, I will (as will everyone else) be able to make and keep this year's resolutions. Given that, I have to keep them attainable and reasonable:

1) Not buy anymore yarn until I have all my WIP done and if I cannot finish them (some are just hideous), admit it and get it off the needles, frogged and rewound. If necessary, give away the yarn.
2) Finish my MBA (LOL . . . I am actually scheduled to graduate in May . . . so hopefully this will happen!).
3) Lose 52 pounds (1 pound a week . . . totally attainable and will get me well on my way to my goal weight).
4) Walk more. Sit less.
5) Play with my kids more (losing weight will help with this one).

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Janet said...

It's off topic to talk about weight, but my tip is--forget about a goal of a specific amount every week--you will discourage yourself with that one!! Figure out the calories needed to maintain your ideal weight--there are calculators online--then target that number of calories or just a few less every day. The days you don't make that goal pass into history and each day is a fresh opportunity. Try to set a specific exercise goal--mine is 45 minutes of walking 3 times a week. Knitting is really good--you can't knit and eat at the same time without messing up your yarn. You might not lose a lb per week, but you will lose.