Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept Project

My project for September is socks. I knit one sock so far and the cuff of the second sock. I started with Knit Picks Bare Yarn.

I then dyed it yellow using lemonade Kool-Aid I received in the whoduknit group when I wanted to knit yellow toddler socks for the book by Mary Logue but was unable to find any here where I live. I have to admit I couldn't find all the Kool-Aid packets I had so I added a few drops of yellow food coloring and it still wasn't completely evenly dyed.

These socks will have to be completed by the end of Oct They were done for the 2009 Sock Pentathlon. They are sock #4 of the five.

I know they aren't toddler socks but they were dyed using lemonade Kool-Aid.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Whoduknit Trick or Treat Swap

Sorry! This swap is for Whoduknit members only!

Are you ready for another swap? Here's how the Trick or Treat Swap goes -

You will be sending your pal:

1. A book with a Halloween theme (this doesn't have to be specifically about Halloween - any scary theme will do. Witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires, villains - you get the picture!
2. A skein of yarn, enough for a one skein project, in fall colors.
3. A pattern for something to make with the yarn. (this could be tricky!)
4. A trick and a treat!

Sign-ups begin today and end Friday, the 25th. You will receive your pal's name by Sept. 30. Packages should be mailed out by October 21 so they will get there in time for Halloween.
To sign-up, e-mail me at with:

1. Your name
2. Your e-mail address (one that you check frequently)
3. Your mailing address
4. Your phone number (won't be given out)
5. Your blog address (if you have one.)
6. Ravelry name (if you are there)
6. Your promise that you will fulfill the guidelines of this swap or else notify me if an emergency prevents you from doing so!

Let the Tricking and Treating begin!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

UPS Truck Yarn Delivery Murder

Hugh Dunnit is back again with a murder mystery to solve and he needs your help!

John Harmony has accused UPS Delivery man, Merlin Granite of murdering his wife. Harmony claims that he had been outside watering his backyard garden for half an hour when he noticed a UPS truck parked in his garage. He went over to investigate hoping that it was not another package of yarn for his wife. They were quickly running out of room to store all of her yarn stash and he had warned her repeatedly not to order any more yarn. He walked through the open door of the garage and into the kitchen where he found Granite strangling his wife with a piece of extra bulky merino wool. He called 911 but the medics were not able to revive Mrs. Harmony. Granite was arrested and taken down to the station house where Lt. Hugh Dunnit was questioning him.
Granite claimed that he drove to the Harmony's house to deliver a package. He knew the package was from Knitpicks and that Mrs. Harmony would be anxiously waiting for it. He had delivered many Knitpicks packages to her in the past. He spent a couple of minutes in his truck filling out delivery reports and then got out with the package. As he walked past his truck he noticed that his front wheels were parked on the garden hose which ran from an outlet by the garage round to the back of the house. Granite claims that he got back in the truck and pulled it into the garage a few feet so that his wheels were not on the hose. He noticed the door between the kitchen and the garage was open and he saw Mrs. Harmony lying on the floor by the stove. He ran over to her and was trying to untie the yarn around her neck when Mr. Harmony came through the door an accused him of strangling his wife.
Which man was telling the truth? Help Lt. Dunnit by e-mail your answer to me at before midnight, on Friday, September 25 for a chance to win a reward!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Angel's Wings

For my September project I made Angel a some wings. I know she has white wings in the book, but she is so little and has been through so much I think she deserves a pair of more colorful wings! This pattern is adapted from the pattern "Gabriel's Wings" (see Angel Experiment projects on sidebar), using leftover patterned sock yarn in-between solid color rows of sock yarn.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Well it seems I am doing an awful lot of apologizing today in posts about being so tardy in putting in photos. I try to make sure I acknowledge my packages when received but I must get better at putting in the full posts with photos.

I received a wonderful bottle swap package from Danielle. She did include a bottle.

BUT the bottle was in a BOX. She wrote she was glad I had won the prize for my handcuffs and chosen what I did as she was not only my bottle swap partner but was sending me my prize. Since she sending me the prize she was able to ship in a box and NOT have to stuff everything in the bottle.

Look at what I pulled out of the bottle.

Here is a close up of this wonderful bag in PINK stripes with cotton yarn.

I also received these wonderful items. YUMMY candies. Can you guess how long the American Hershey Bar with Nuts lasted? AND most of the Jelly Bellys are gone also. There are just a few remaining and, of course, the black licorice are still in the box for anyone who comes to visit and likes black licorice. We won't even mention the length of time it took to eat the Ghiradelli candy bar as large as it was.

Included in my package was a mystery I haven't read yet which is now on my to read list, a case to put my straight long knitting needles in, some fiber wash, tissues with my initial, a notepad, and a lovely card.

BUT that wasn't all I received. Here is more goodies. I found a small Americana emery board which has been put to use already, another note pad, a small 2010 calendar to clip on my bag, Brittany DPNs another favorite brand of mine (I can never have enough DPNs) and then three skeins of wonderful yarn by Twisted Sisters.
Here is a close up of the yarn which is a combination of rayon (52%) and cotton (48%). Just look at the color.

I chose the crossword puzzle book Over 70 Murder Mystery Murder Crosswords as my prize for the handcuffs. It is a very interesting crossword book. I dived right into it as soon as I received it.

Again thank-you Danielle for a great package.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bottle Swap

Everyone was excited when we found a bottle in the mailbox today!

In it was the book Funeral Food, Some wonderful Pirate Colored Yaaaarn and Dark Chocolate with Carmel!

But the best thing in the bottle was this cool face cloth with a skull and crossbones made just for me!

Thanks Joy!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thank you Penny!

I stopped at the PO this morning to mail some things and noticed a bottle in a tote with the other mail that was being sorted. "Is that my bottle?" Would you believe that I was the only person in town getting a bottle in the mail today? LOL. The mailman gladly handed it to me - one less thing for him to deliver! It did look a little bit odd though -

Then I realized she had taped two bottles together - very ingenious Penny! It was taped securely, to say the least and it took some very careful cutting to get it open.

As soon as I was able to pop off the top goodies started falling out.

Penny is an expert at stuffing bottles! There were some Avon goodies (from the Avon Lady!)Moisture Therapy, body lotion and shower gel, plus a cute little pen that looks like a tube of lipstick and an emery board. A tape measure (never can find mine!) and some tapestry needles, a tube of glass beads (can't wait to start another beaded knit project), a cute little book "Words of Wine and Wisdom" A 'bendy pencil", Cat on the Edge by Shirley Rousseau Murphy, which I haven't read, some Magpie wool yarn in a shade of green that I love (a felting project for sure!) some well wrapped chocolate candy and the cutest little lamb that I just love!

Thank you so much Penny for a really great bottle swap - you are a spoiler!!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bttle Swap

I received a bottle full of wonderful goodies fro someone??? (time to reveal yourself)--there's a lovely ball of sock yarn, a tube of matching beads (hmm, the possibilities...) a set of lovely stitch markers, the cutest little notepad with a sheep on it, some chocolate(which didn't last long enoughtto get into the picture), cable needles, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and a beautiful tatted bookmark in my favoirte color! Thank you, thank you!!!

Joan in West TExas