Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weee, thanks Jane, now I know how to post to the blog! I've already left a message at the group about my new year's (knitting) resolutions so just as a trail I'll post a picture of my favourite Christmas ornament - well this year's favourite!

I got the pattern at my local knitting café and knit 15 of them. They were all given as 'gift holders' for such gifts as money, earrings, mini torch, keyrings, sweets, etc. There is no copyright info or designer's name on the pattern so I'm sure I can pass it on if anyone wants to get an early start on Christmas knitting :-)



dobarah said...

I would take that pattern! I remember receiving one of these before I knew how to knit socks. Now that I know, I can't find one to use as a template. The instructions would help!

Jane said...

Very cute. I'm glad you can post now!