Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank you Mary Lynn!

Mary Lynn spoiled me more than I deserved. I went for 'spunky' as my mood on the magnet...but I like that I could choose from 8 other moods in the future. The space travel bag is interesting...I had never seen these! The needle tube was something I had been looking at getting myself...Thank you!

Isn't this purse fabulous? I love the little ? made from the! What yarn did you add in with it? The tones are gorgeous.

How did you know I was looking at this specific yarn?! I am Thrilled! I'm baking a wedding cake right now, which gives me a perfect time to be reading this book while the cakes are baking.

Thank you Mary Lynn! You are the best!


gardeningknitter said...

A Lucky Ducky you are. I love seeing what other people put into exchanges.

Jane said...

Yes, Lucky Ducky indeed! That was a great package!

Mary Lynn said...

I'm glad you liked it. The add in yarn was Noro Silk Garden #8. I love the Memories Yarn. I've used it for other projects and it is really nice to work with.