Monday, June 18, 2007

Not One, but TWO Bottles in the Mail!

Today was the last day of school before summer vacation YIPEE! I stopped at the post office on my way home to mail a package and the postmistress (this is a very small town) said that they were just loving seeing the bottles that I was receiving. I thought at first she was talking about the bottle with the rose in it that I received last week, but on the way home it occurred to me that she had said 'bottles'. And sure enough, waiting for me on the dining room table were TWO bottles.

Now, Deb has denied that the flower in the bottle that I received last week was from her - but these two bottles clearly have her name and return address on them! So, I thought I would just leave everything in the bottles - you know, for a conversation piece? NOT!!! I quickly cut them open and look what was inside:

A cute notebook, a tiny key chain crayon notebook, note pad, little book of inspirational sayings, yummy Almond with oats soap ( I LOVE handmade soaps like this) Some Mellow Tangerine hand & body cream - smells great. AND - the most beautiful knitting needles and stitch markers. I think Deb made the stitch markers, and the needles look handmade too. I cannot wait to use them on a project - how cool it will be to knit with them! And the yarn cutter - I have been wanting one of these forever. This will be perfect to wear around my neck when I am knitting in the car. And the needle protectors are just beautiful too. Not finished yet! A Toddlers and Babies knitting book - love to knit for babies, and there are such cute patterns in it and .....a ball of Deb's own label hand dyed (in kool-aid of course) sock yarn. The color just happens to match the shirt I am wearing right now. I'll be taking this yarn with me on my trip next week - socks are the perfect traveling project.
Can you see the label - isn't it cute "Deb's Two Left Feet" Hand Dyed Sock Yarn. Thank you Deb - you are the BEST!!!!!

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danielle said...

What a great bottle you recieved - loved the keychain crayolas! Never seen that before!