Friday, June 29, 2007


today, in the mail
i received my "BOTTLE" from Vidgid
the BOTTLE is from Norway
so the shape is a bit different than what i sent
HOWEVER, the contents make up
for the unusual shape
BLASTED Postal Service for spoiling all the fun
you can see the note she wrote on the top
Say Hello to Deb
Hugs Vig

inside the bottle i found
not in any specific order
a Beaded necklace - wearing it as i type
a mini sewing kit - for the work bag
2 skeins of Vidgis' Hand Dyed yarn
2 skeins of a blue (sock weight?) yarn
with a note that says to knit & purl
an embroidered angel
stitch markers
needle holders
a knitting pattern book for the home
has 5 patterns

i am sure i am forgetting something
but .. the brain is tired
i will think of you as i use everything

1 comment:

Jane said...

Isn't Vigdis a great pal!!!!!!