Friday, June 29, 2007


It Came Today!

Stuffed Full!

Look At All The Goodies!

Thank you Cathy for a wonderful exchange. There is sock yarn (I've never knit socks but I plan to just to be able to say I knit socks), a book (can't wait to read it), markers, magnet, key chain, stitch markers, earrings, an angel dream pin, bath confetti, a tiny calculator (going into my knitting basket), a bookmark....and guess what, the earrings, and bookmark each have a tiny ball of yarn and knitting needles attached at the end, How Cool is that? My husband claimed the markers right away to use for labeling his iris when when he digs this fall. He thanks you too.
This was such a fun thing to do, just wish I could have stuffed more into the bottle I send Jeane.
Perhaps the "two bottle thing" is not a bad idea.
Thank you Cathy for spoiling me, it was great.


Jane said...

I love seeing all of the things that have been stuffed into the bottles. We really have to do this again!

Cathy said...

i will have to make MORE markers
Deb wants to make some
so i will use HER as the excuse

we had FUN, FUNN, FUN in Alabama today