Thursday, June 14, 2007

Honey, I'm home!!!!!


Have you missed me?


OK :-) But I'm here now, and it seems like your stuck with me....... Have had/am having a rough time. Hard to accept reality sometimes in life. Things are going better, and it is impossible to lie down and die, so I've been told....

Soooo. Instead of "dying", I've been "dyeing", and that really is a great difference I believe :-)

I've been documenting my yarn-dyeing again. Here's the first round. Thin wool/alpacca yarn, dyed with ONE package of Kool-Aid. Every thing done in the same way: using "water-boiler", blending in a large bowl, dip one end of the shein in this, and then press the whole shein in. An easy and effectiv method to dye on.

The first 3 sheins are Canadian Kool-Aid, the last 2 are American. The first 2 Canadian gave stronger and gave more color to the yarn. Not much difference in shein 3 and 4. And how on earth I got hold of Canadian Kool-Aid? Well, some secrets are allowed while doing business!!!

Thanks Penny!!


Cathy said...

LADY, you have the method down!!
you are doing an exceptional job

Get Well ..
use the dyeing to help you grow stronger ..

danielle said...

These are great.
I have some packets from Canada...They are drink juice packets but not Kool Aid brand. Wanna try these too?
If so - send me your address!

Jane said...

So glad you are home .....honey!

Stephanie... said...

Beautiful yarns!

gardeningknitter said...

SO glad you are feeling better. You really have a knack for kool-aid dying.