Monday, June 11, 2007

I gotta bottle!

When the mail got delivered at work today, Ashlee yelled, "Deb, there's a bottle in the mail," and came around the corner laughing. In her hands was a blue bottle. There happened to be a drug rep standing there and she was cracking up laughing and asking, "can you mail something like that?" I showed her the stamps and the mailing label and said, "Do you need to really ask that?" Don't it look neat?

Well I guess you wanna know what's in it? The bottle really isn't It's the coolest pair of jammies you every saw, then there is something that I haven't seen in a million years, well, maybe not that long, but it's an ink pen that is shaped like a syringe, since I work in a doctors office, it's really cool. The drug reps used to bring them to us years ago, but you never see them anymore, now I have one to put on my The shirt says Life is Good and has a pair of flip flops on it and the pants have flip flops all over them. I'll be lounging in them around the house, thank you very much! But, the coolest, was the earrings. They are flip flops Just too cool. They are pink diamonds.....well a girl can dream can't she? They are not in the photo, as they are already in my ears.
So who do I thank for all this cool stuff.....Cathy Hannigan.......I guess since her name was on the return address label on the I love ya Cathy!


Jane said...

That is just so cool! Jammies in a bottle. I think I'm going to send all of my presents through the mail that way from now on. Just think of all of the possibilities! Now - for a photo of you in the jammies Deb.....

gardeningknitter said...

I love it, I knew this was going to be a fun thing. The interesting thing is, before you mail the jammies, how does one find out if they will fit the recipient?