Saturday, June 09, 2007

Keeping it in the family!

Hey Everyone! This photo if from last sunday. My two youngest grandsons came over to see their Papa and I helped them dye some yarn. Their other grandmother has shown them how to crochet, so they dyed yarn to crochet with. Justin(10) on the left and Cody(7) is on the right. Cody is the class clown as you can see by his face. He has to make a face all the time in front of the camera.

We all had a blast playing in kool-aid. Their other grandmother was there too watching the entire process, so she could dye her own.

Today, I dyed two hanks of lace weight almost 1900 yards of yarn. It took me awhile to play with the packages of kool-aid to get the color I wanted but I finally did. A beautiful peach to knit a lacey shawl with. The yarn is drying on the back porch now. I'll post photos of that once it is knitted. I also started a journal of the recipes of which combinations of flavors I use to get the unique colors. A very handy thing to keep for future reference.

Happy dyeing and knitting!

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Jane said...

Cute kids - they did a great job with the yarn. Make sure you get a picture of what they crochet with it!