Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jammies in a Bottle

well ...
since i have met Deb
i kinda guessed at the size she will need
i KNOW she loves flip-flops
we call them flip-flops where i come from
i was gonna make her a pair of fuzzy flip-flops
but i misplaced them
FOUND them
so, look out Deb
i was NOT Deb's partner
Deb & her Hubby have offered to let me stay with them
when i get to Atlanta
so, this is a PRE-Thank You Gift
haven't figured out what to send to Chuck yet
they did have Men's jammies
me, i LOVE putting things in bottles
even tho i know that the recipient
will struggle to extracate the item
i am passing on the tradition
i have heard of others that are doing the same thing
too bad i can't send EVERYTHING that way
it makes the postal clerks' job more exciting when
they see a FUN item pass their way
and the carriers bust a gut
as they are getting ready to deliver it
one carrier told me he laughed for 3 days
after he delivered something to me
when i worked at the station the mail came thru
half the station saw what i was getting WAY
before i ever got to work
yeah ... i got teased about what i got
it made the swap so much MORE fun
it got to the point that workers got mad when a
box came ..
they still enjoyed watching me open the box of treasures

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