Friday, June 22, 2007

Leaping Leprechauns arís (arís - Irish for again!)

Well, as you all know the stash did indeed arrive in London. For those curious cats who want to know how I got the stash away from HimsElf here's the low down.

I lured him with the offer of his very own Aran jumper. I helped him try it on: a few adjustments to size were required. I told him to hold still while I put the pins in place (thee hee, foolish Elf).

Here's the result - I pinned him to the fence and made away with the stash box. Those charity squares that Fia-Knit knit sure came in handy, just as well she hadn't posted them to Jane yet. But wait, I'm not totally heartless. As soon as the stash was safely at the post office I gave HimsElf his very own Aran picnic blanket so that he could soak up the sun.

And for me, well Fia-Knit gave me a plentiful supply of fishy treats...oh heaven! The stash... I believe Ripley has the full account of what happened to it in London but my money is on the Wombles!
Your feline friend, Bella.

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Fiadhnat said...

Don't worry Jane, the squares are safe. I may be able to knit another from the leftover and will post them to you soon.