Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yummy and Warm Swap Goodies

After receiving a reprieve on the Lisa Scottoline project Monday I dived guilt-free into my Mystery Swap package. My swap partner Barbara made short-finger gloves for me, perfect for Southern California and I admit I hinted shamelessly. They are lovely. The picture above was taken at night with a flash so you can see the detail of the gloves on my hands. The true color is closer to the picture below. Aren't they great?
The first thing that greeted me was my favorite salt water taffy (and boy, the orange ones were good!) But the box also held home-baked bread, spread, honey, and fudge dipping sauce. We exchanged the same One-Skein book with each other as well as used the same Woolgirl greeting card. Yes, we have found many similarities in taste and are still smiling about that. Barbara also gifted me with the premiere issue of Verena. And what I thought was a box of Altoids is full of cherry little goodies. Plus stitch markers. And there is Berroco boa yarn that I have just the use for (early Christmas planning.)
Of course there is reading material, from one of my favorite authors Charlaine Harris (A Bone to Pick) as well as The Grilling Season (Diane Mott Davidson) and Murder in the Smithsonian (Margaret Truman). I haven't read any of them and so am all set for the 4th of July weekend. The Grilling Season looks especially fun, with recipes interspersed throughout the book.
Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful package. I had to take the gloves back off right away in this heat, but believe me, they will get plenty of use!


Jane said...

What a wonderful package - and I hope a wonderful friendship has formed!

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Hmm, Guess what? Turns out we read teh same Lisa Scottline book too!!!