Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lisa Scottoline Whatchamajigger

As I got deeper into Lisa Scottoline's Mistaken Identity I became obsessed with doing a project that captured the "twins but not/good twin-bad twin" theme that is so integral to the plot. I dreamed of mirror image fair isle, maybe gloves--but while searching for color patterns with the images I wanted amid other time commitments it became obvious that Sharon was not going to have the time to knit the many tiny stitches required of a detailed image, let alone make a pair.
What to do, what to do... As the month ran out I suddenly got the inspiration to make a single tube in mirrored black and white, my first intarsia in the round ever. What the heck is it, you ask?

Well, in Southern California we don't wear mittens, though I frequently sport fingerless gloves in winter. Some of my favorite outerwear has no pockets--so, how about a portable pocket?

Now that it's finished and had a test drive, I'll tell you what's more likely to become of this little wonder--a 2-sided shoulder pouch. But I had to show you my original concept. And hey, I can use it as a finger-warmer whenever I feel like it, right?

This was fun. Hope you enjoy the pics and the story.



Aunt Kathy said...

OOH Intarsia in the round, I wanna learn that. What a cool project.

Jane said...

This is great Sharon!!!