Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Case of the Dentist's Patient Solution


Although Hemp claimed never to have heard of a Dr. Evelyn Williams, he knew the doctor was a dentist, and a man. (photo removed because it was giving people the creeps!)

Dr. Evelyn Rayon, a dentist in Downeast Maine, was preparing to take a wax impression of the right lower teeth of his patient, Nora Kureyon. Silently the door behind him opened. A gloved hand holding an automatic appeared. Two shots sounded. Miss Kureyon slumped over, dead.
"We've got a suspect," Lt. Hugh Dunnit told his brother, Captain Howie Dunnit. "The elevator boy took a nervous man to the fifteenth floor a few minutes before the shooting - Dr. Rayon has one of the offices on that floor. The description fits John Hemp who is out on parole. I had him picked up at his apartment. As far as he knows I want to question him about a minor parole infraction." Hemp was brought in and angrily demanded to know what this was all about. "Have you ever heard of Dr. Evelyn Rayon?" asked Lt. Dunnit. "No, why?" "Nora Kureyon was shot to death less than two hours ago as she sat in a chair in Dr. Rayon's office. The elevator man says he took a man answering your description to the fifteenth floor a minute before the shots." "It wasn't me," snarled Hemp. "I look like a lot of guys. I ain't been near a dentist's office since I was in the Maine State Prison in Warren. This guy Rayon, I bet he never saw the shooter, so what can you prove?"
"Enough to send you to the chair," said Lt. Dunnit.

What evidence does Lt. Dunnit have?

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