Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Murder Solution

Solution: Ms. Dunnit suspected Kid Merino because she didn't believe that Maize would have her hair done before racing in a regatta.
There were 5 correct answers and the winner this week is....Karen G. Congratulations!

4th of July Murder
Maize Berroco was murdered in the basement of her apartment house yesterday, Lt. Hugh Dunnit told his sister, Ms. Dunnit. The murder weapon was a knitting needle which was wiped clean of fingerprints. We have two suspects, Lt. Dunnit continued, Hunter Galway and Kid Merino, a pair of rival suitors. Maize's body, dressed in sneakers, shorts, and a white handknit cotton short-sleeve sweater, was found by the janitor at noon, about an hour after the time of death. She had been registered as a crew member aboard Hunter Galway's sailboat for the 4th of July regatta that afternoon. She'd been in his crew before. Galway got to the docks around noon, an hour late. He claims he was delayed by motor trouble, which he fixed himself. Nobody saw him do it. He could have spent the hour killing Maize. Kid Merino was seen talking to Maize that morning in front of her apartment. He claims he asked her to go to a 4th of July picnic with him. He says she refused because she had an afternoon engagement and had to hurry to the hairdresser. Merino, a fiber artist, then went back to his studio and dyed wool all day. But he has no confirming witnesses either. "I talked to Galway and Merino for hours," concluded the Lieutenant, "I can't shake their stories. One of them is lying, I'm sure of it." "So am I," said Ms. Dunnit. Who did she suspect, and why?

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