Sunday, July 27, 2008

MY PD JAMES Projects

I read Devises and Desires

It started with a young girl leaving a roller skating dance thing (I think, lol) and she threw a shoulder bag over her shoulder as she ran to try to catch the bus. I actually made this awhile ago, but thought it fit in perfectly.

The killer/murderer was always wearing a Beret, so I decided I had to make a "Killer Beret" I crocheted this one with Patons Merino and then decided to felt it. Well it really shrunk, lol. Here is the felted version

And this is what it looked like before felting
Here also is the KAL we did this month. I didn't block it, I fully intended to before sharing the photo but do you think I can find the cloth now??? It's truly a mystery, LOL.

So there you are... nothing great but at least this time I have something to show.

Now the real challenge... finding something to knit from Dead Sleep...


Jane said...

Great projects! Love the bag and the hat - and of course the cloth!

scarlet834 said...

That bag totally reminds me of a roller rink! Love it! Sharon C.