Sunday, July 27, 2008

P.D. James Lap Blanket

In the book Innocent Blood Phillipa prepares to rent a partially furnished flat with her birth mother for a few months. She looks for items to spruce up the questionable but probably serviceable furniture. The pictured lace circle is just the size to cover one's lap for a little warmth, and hang over dreary furniture (including my own!) for a little color.

A disclaimer here. The circle you see took exactly one skein of a June yarn club offering, about 420 yards. I became rather enamored of my little project and I actually intend to take out the temporary crochet bind off and make it larger. I happily found a person or two willing to sell me theirs, but I don't have them yet.


MLJ1954 said...

WOW!!! This is great! I can see why you want to add to it but it is very nice.

Jane said...

Oh I love this! It's just gorgeous! Thanks for posting it.