Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally, my Spring Swap is sent out

I finally sent off my Spring Swap today. Yes I know it is Summer now and that I am soooo late in sending it out. My apologies to Patty Ward. I am so sorry that it took me so long.
Just thought I'd share with you what is taking up all my attention this last month.
This is part of my front yard on the 8th of this month:
And this photo was taken yesterday evening at 8:19 pm. You can see the big difference.
I've spent the entire day today outside sitting on my porch listening to the water fall, talking to hubby and my daughter and then the last hour, knitting. It's fantastic.
We still have a few electrical things being worked on and next week a brick wall will be where the red and white vans are now along with some flowers and solar lights.

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MLJ1954 said...

Very nice patio. I think it would become my most favorite place to knit or just hang out!