Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Pony (Express) staggers in!

My Whoduknit Secret pal was worried that my package hadn't arrived yet. She sent it via the USPS (or, as she called it, Pony Express). Well, it came today, and no wonder it took a while. Not only did it come all the way across the country, but it was chock full of wonderful stuff. Poor pony! He was all weighed down! Take a look at this bounty!

2 books, both of which sound great, a cookie cookbook and a cookbook from what I am guessing is her school. There's also some yummy chocolate raspberry sticks, which Dave will steal, as Harry Potter would say "Faster than blinking".

My pal wanted me to guess who she is, so I did some sleuthing. As you can see in the photo, there's a bookmark with our logo on it. I guessed that this meant my pal is one of the main organizers of our merry band. There's also another adorable bookmark, which says "Teaching is a work of heart". Now, either she's a teacher herself or she knows I teach at at American River College here in Sacramento (go Beavers!!). So that was another clue. The card told me she is from Maine. In the cookbook, one recipe contributor's name popped out at me: it was Jane, of course! I love everything in the package, Jane. Thanks so much!! (Notice how confident I am that it really was Jane. Hope I'm not completely wrong!)


Deb Brown said...

Just from the clues, I would say you are correct. She does such cool stuff. But, I'm jealous, I want a bookmark with the logo on it too....lol.

Jane said...

Yes, you are correct Cindi! As usual, I made it too easy. I'm so glad it finally arrived. Maybe you will still have time to bake some of those Christmas cookies.