Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Favorite Christmas Decoration!

Hey Everyone! Here is a photo of my favorite Christmas decoration. The year before I got married (29 years ago), I was really into ceramics and made everything I could get my hands on. I met my hubby in September and we got married the next January and I spent a lot of time at his apartment during the holidays. We needed some decorations and didn't have a lot of money, like most folks. I strung popcorn and put sticks of gum and candy canes on the tree that Chuck cut down in the woods. I also made constructions paper chains to put on it. But the best was this ceramic tree that I made that year. We put it out every year as a reminder of our very first Christmas together. It has made it through three moves, grandkids and all the puppies that have come and gone over the years. It is missing some of the bulbs in a few places, so I guess I need to find a ceramic shop and get some more to fill in the blanks and find a new star for the top. This decoration has meant more to me than any other that I have held onto over the years. I even have some pieces of the original construction paper chain that was on our first tree. Hope you enjoy my memories!


Jane said...

Great story Deb! I made one of those trees too - over 30 years ago - and I still put it out every year. It is definitely one of my favorite decorations. A whoduknit magnetic bookmark will be on its way to you!

Michelle said...

I remember those trees, with the puffy white glaze and the loose lights that had to be put back in every year. My father's mother took up ceramics and made one, and then my mom made one, and my aunt... This is the first year I didn't see Mom's out.