Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Christmas full of meaning

I'm including images of our tree and most meaningful decorations...which means it is the whole tree. This Christmas has been one where my family has counted its blessings. One month ago, my dad came home after spending almost an entire month in ICU. (I'm also behind on thanking everyone for their prayers and emails...Thank you!) Most weekends had been spent traveling the 400 miles between us, which meant my high school math students had to all pitch in and help in ways they thought weren't possible. As soon as I wasn't traveling for Dad, it was time for my son's wrestling season to it was back on the road again. All during this time, I am taking college classes for my math minor and Mathematics Education Masters...all because until last year I was an 18 year veteran K-8 teacher. (I even had 6 years in a 1 room K-8 school.)

School got out at 12:30 Dec. 22, with basketball beginning at 3, going through 9, a dance starting at 9, going through 12 (my dd was thequeen of the dance too!). The next morning, we all packed up the apartment (the farm is 30 miles to the north of Chester) where my dear hubby was waiting to take the kids up into the hills to gather this gorgeous tree. This gave me much needed time to clean house...whew! The ornaments you see on the tree are from each of the kid's collection. Delaney has received the Hallmark puppy ornament per year. That makes 16 of these cuties, as I began the collection the year I found I was pregnant with her. Garrett's collection has been ended by Hallmark, but we have each of the crayon ornaments as well as other ornaments which have meaning for each of the children. The only other singular ornament is Dopey. Eleven years ago, my niece lost her battle with cancer. She loved this little dwarf, so each year, we place it near the top of our tree to keep her close to our festivies.

I know it isn't only one decoration...but it is one tree!
Blessings to you all,


Deb Brown said...

Doborah, the tree looks really neat. I especially like the puppy ornaments, since I have a house full for puppies for

Jane said...

A wonderful tree and wonderful story - both happy and sad. Your tree is full of memories, and that's how it should be.