Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knitnmom's 2007 Resolutions

Well, this is the perfect task for me. Real-life resolutions are no fun! ;-) So the past couple of years I've been writing Knitting Resolutions. Here are mine for 2007:

1. Complete my Sweater
2. Start a Knitting Gallery - actually did it already - but it counts! ;)
3. Take pictures of all my projects and put in Gallery
4. Knit my first lace project
5. Knit Personalized Christmas Stockings for C1, C2, B3 and baby W. to be born in 2007 (all family members)
6. Knit at least one item for each charity that my local group sponsors.



Jane said...

Very ambitious! I agree, knitting resolutions are much more fun than any others, except maybe reading resolutions.

dobarah said...

What are you looking at for your first lace project? I need one also...that Dragonee Shawl needs a fair bit of practice before I tackle that! Have you looked at Branching Out?