Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Swap Package has arrived!

A great big special THANK YOU to Janet, who only lives two states away in Pinehurst, NC.

My box was sitting against the garage door last night when I came home from work. I was so excited, I ran up the driveway to get the box. I got three books that look wonderful and wish I wasn't in the middle of one now, or I would start on one of them. There is a post card showing me the beautiful state of NC, it went on the fridge with the family photos. I also got two skeins of sock yarn and a pattern for socks, which I don't know how to do, so it is the perfect time to learn. I love the varigated blues. The pattern don't look that hard, so as soon as I finish the scarf that I have to make this weekend, I might just get started on me a pair of new blue socks.

Janet, you are wonderful! Love ya!

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Jane said...

Very nice Deb (and Janet!) Good luck with your socks - we can't wait to see them!