Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hodge-Podge group photo

I did not make 1 big project for November and December, I made many many small ones. Here they all are:

2 Button Hole Purses (Mason Dixon)
2 Felted Boxes (Mason Dixon)
4 1-Hank hats (Plymouth Yarns)
2 dishcloths (Winterwonderland Swap)
1 1/2 mitts (for ???)
3/4 of an "It felt random" tote (mine, if I ever finish it...uuugghhh, Jane - how do you make so many of these??

Must finish these last 2 items, need to learn how to make socks and a sweater. Oh, plus 2 new purse patterns I found and some felted me please!!!


Stephanie... said...

You're asking us for help???? Aren't we the kind of people who got you into this trouble?

Deb Brown said...

You did good Leslie! I got only two things done and lucky to get that done and read too!

Jane said...

I'm afraid Stephanie is right - we are all enablers here!
I made four of the it random felt bags Leslie and I don't have one for myself! It's pretty mindless knitting and I do it while I watch t.v. - I usually have a more challenging project going on at the same time to switch off to.
I'd say you did really well Leslie!

LeslieJ said...

Yes, you are the people who got me into trouble, you are supposed to tell me to STOP with all the projects :)
Mindless knitting, to say the least, I finally bound (?) off at 7:35pm. That bag was started on November 8th..uugghh. Now, off to make the I-cord and felt it...then finish the mitts and SOCKS here I come.