Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Favorite ornament

My whole tree is really special with all types of birds, nests, peacock feathers and other little critters. But there are two special bells that make my tree really special. A gold one and this one here. It doesnt't look like much, it is rather old, and really meaningful. These hung on my parents first Christmas tree when they got married (1948), and my Mom's first Christmas in this country. Every year they have a special place on my tree. (Mostly now when they both are gone.) My hubby puts up the tree and he decorates it every year. It is his thing to do and he does a great job!


Jane said...

Beautiful story Patty. When my mom died, my sisters and I divided up some glass ornaments that she had so that each year we would have a memory of her hanging on our Christmas trees. Your hubby does a great job decorating the tree!

Deb Brown said...

I have always loved those old glass ornaments. Your tree is beautiful!