Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanks Kimberly

Kimberly---you more than spoiled me. I'm glad that you're all moved an life will someday return to whatever normal is! (I would have no clue as to what normal should look like!) Darlin', you out did yourself. I am more than grateful. I'm excited, too. Best yet, I was having a crappola day yestereday...running errands and trying to get food packed to leave on time for my daughter's softball state qualifier tournament. When I got home and saw the box I said, "I dont CARE if we are late, this baby is getting opened." My mood improved, we were there with 3 minutes to spare before the caravan left the parking lot (and the second of 5 parents there) and all is good. They lost both games (not a big shocker) and we'll be playing near Duluth on a weekend to come.

but I digress (and that's all the Victor Hugo I remember)

Here's the goodie run down:
M - Mystery book is Showdown by Dekker. Haven't read him, very excited to try a new author.
Y-Yummy Yarn, nashua handknits creative focus brushed alpaca. Never seen it before, and YUMMY is the word in a pretty shade of pink. I will enjoy working with this yarn. I bet it ends up as a luscious scarf.
S - Something silly - who doesn't LOVE play dough?!? It's already been absconded by my teens. I'm happy cos most of their sumer break has been chilly and gloomy. PLEASE play with the play dough!
Tasty Treat - some Nuss - Dessett cookie things I can't wait to try. Soon. Very soon. Very privately.
Ewe Make it - YOU ARE NUTS, TALENTED, and WAY TOO GENEROUS. Love the hand woven scarf. Is there an end to your talents?
Regional Item - gotta love the fridge magnet of Oklahoma with a thermometer. Since I live so far north, we're going to give that baby a work out! Every time I see the sand and that bull skull while I'm frozen solid, I'm going to smile.
You Pick - the cutest little lunch box (to carry my knitting incidentals) with stitch markers (who can EVER have enough...where do they all end up? With the other sock from the pair!?!?) and a tape measure. No kidding, I'm back down to one and I usually can't find it when I want it. THANK YOU.

I am happy and thankful.
Now I'm off to knit and watch a movie. the rest will wait.

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MLJ1954 said...

Great package! You were indeed spoiled by Kimberly.