Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thank you Judy Brown!

Got home from our mini vacation to find this great box on my doorstep.....had to tear into it right away!!!!
Let's see...there were a couple of regional items - the green yarn, and a box of yummy candy!
Silly items included an Arthritis magazine and the Chinese take out for two box!
The yummy yarn really is yummy...Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in the most yummy color - Tide Pool!!!!
Two great books - Medicus by Ruth Downie and The Cat Who Moved a Mountain by Lilian Jackson Braun.
Some great knitting magazines.....and a fantastic journal to keep all my projects listed....been looking at those!
And best of all - a drop spindle, made by Judy, along with some lovely roving - I dont think the phot does the colors any justice - a lovely teal blue, a coral, and a mixed pastel!!!
I hope I havent forgotten anything - this was a fantastic surpise box!!!!! And I love everything - thank you so much Judy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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