Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have completed my project for The Husband and here are the photos. I have to add I didn't make the chain link which is Marley's Ghost and is a FREEBIE on Knitty. I borrowed that from my friend who is in the photo. I didn't have enough yarn left after I knit and felted the cuff links.

It took forever to felt the hand cuffs and they need to be felted some more. I will do that when I visit my friend Paula again in her washing machine. They may end up to fit a doll after they are refelted as her machine really really felts well. A bad photo but a photo none-the-less of the before felting is going on my ravelry project page.


kadezmom said...

Very clever and I LOVE IT!!!!

MLJ1954 said...

What fun!

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank-you all for your comments