Sunday, June 21, 2009

WWKIP Weekend, Take 2

Saturday non-WhoDuer Pharmaknits and I went to Knitter's Palette for WWKIP. We met a lot of folks, some that were new to us, and at one that used to be pretend and now she is real. Fortunately several of the new friends are now living in my computer with her. Don't you just love Ravelry? It was wonderful to spend a day going to new place with a friend and making new ones along the way. We are all looking forward to WWKIP next year and hopefully we will see the big city folks before then though. Maybe we can work out having more WhoDuers join in.
Unfortunately, this is the only picture that got taken yesterday afternoon, and since I am the one that took it, no picture of me to be had. Too bad Hubband is out of town or I would have had him go somewhere with me today and take my picture. Once again, here's hoping for next year!

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Jane said...

Thanks for sharing Barbara - wouldn't it be great if we could all get together in real life for a WWKIP Day? And isn't it great to find out the people in our computers are real!