Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Today I received my scavenger hunt swap package. It made made this dreary rainy day better. It was from Barbara. Check out all the great goodies I received.

M = MURDER MYSTERY And it is a book I haven't yet read. YEAH!!
Y = YOUR CHOICE Barbara chose to send me some Cotton Candy scented body lotion, body wash and lip balm.
S = SOMETHING SILLY For this she sent Solara some treats and a toy.

T = TASTY TREAT HMMMM Home made granola and some Godiva Chocolate Pearls. YIPEE I have gotten them for my swap partners but never have gotten myself any.
E = EWE MAKE IT This could be something she makes for me or something for me to make. Barbara sent something she made me, a potato chip scarf which you can see being modeled in the next two photos by Solara. It is nice to receive one. I have knit several but always give them away.

Here she is saying Oh Mother not another photo.

R = REGIONAL ITEM This is a tray from where she comes from. With a BBQ and table outside this will come in handy.
Y = YUMMY YARN Here are two skeins of Boa in a PINK color I received and
three skeins of something called Bird of Paradise another eyelash type yarn.
I have it on my blog but won't be posting it until tomorrow as I need to take one more photo in the daylight outside first.

My package is on it's way to its destination and should be there this week. My name is on the outside but I think I forgot to include it on the inside. Sorry-------.


Bobbisox said...

Wow, how much fun was it opening the box?? Looks like a great time was had by all, according to the cat!

Penny said...

It was a ton of fun to open it all. Yes I think this swap is tons of fun as is this group. Solora immediately tries out all boxes when they have been emptited and sometimes even when they haven't been fully unpacked. She is always checking to see what was sent to her.