Monday, June 30, 2008

June Scottoline Project

I took some quickie pix of my Scottoline project for the book I read, Dirty Blonde. My main character was a newly appointed judge who had taken to hitting the bars after work and picking up some stranger for a little one night action. I thought these brighter colors, as contrasted with her professional clothes and judge's robes, hint at her more wild side, and the feline button closure was a little added touch for when she goes "cattin' around", LOL.

I think I may zip it through the washer one more time, and I definitely need to reshape it a tad more. I stuffed some yarn inside to fill it out a bit for the pix, and realized when I took it out I had used SWTC's new one, Jezebel - Freudian slip??

Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Skein Mystery Swap

The other day when I got home from errands and such, Hubband informed me that a box had arrived for me in the mail. It was full of wonderful surprises from Sharon, my partner for the One Skein Mystery Swap. She sent some fun books (of course, we are a book group after all!), yarn, a ladybug muscle massager, some potato pops (already consumed-very yummy!), and some (not pictured) very nice Neutrogena products.

But best of all was what she had made with the Fiesta La Luz I had sent her to work with. Sharon made the most beautiful scarf for me and included a wonderful scarf pin to wear with it!

Thank you so much Sharon for such a wonderful swap package and beautiful scarf. I will enjoy wearing it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Sister's Revenge Solution

Okay - this one was pretty sick! My only defense is that I didn't make it up (only changed the names). You don't really want to think about this one too much as the images can be pretty disturbing - goes - Robin and Violet were Siamese twins. Lt. Dunnit could not put one in jail without putting her innocent sister in jail as well. As for the names being the same - well - we won't go there! There were a few correct guesses (and some great incorrect guesses) and the winner of the random drawing this week is Delores! Choose a prize from the prize locker Delores and e-mail me your address.

When Lt. Hugh Dunnit arrived at the scene of the crime Robin Lily was kneeling over her husband, Emerald Lily, who lay dead from a bullet wound to the chest. Her sister, Violet Lily, was right next to her, still holding the gun in her hand. "My sister shot him Robin sobbed".
Lt. Dunnit agreed - there was no doubt that Violet had shot Emerald. So why did he announce - "I cannot arrest this woman, and she cannot be punished for this crime?" E-mail your solution to me by midnight on Saturday, June 28 (

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Murder by DPNs Solution

The assistant lied when she said she was almost hit by the door when the maniacal grandmotherly type woman came running out of the store (a red herring!). Ms. Dunnit very quickly picked up on that since she 'pushed' the door open when she arrived - the door opened in, not out. I fooled quite a few of you with this one! But five of you got it correct and the handy dandy random integer generator chose Libbie as this weeks winner! Congratulations Libbie on your fine criminal mind!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Murder by DPNs

Ms. Dunnit's knitting group met every Thursday night at their favorite LYS, Opal's Yarn Shop. This week they were going to be working on a mystery pattern written especially for them by one of the group members, Margarete. They had only been given one clue to the mystery knit so far and that was to bring a ball of sock yarn and some size 2.5mm dpns. Ms. Dunnit was the first one of the group to arrive at the shop and as she pushed open the door she was met by Miss Opal's assistant, who was crying hysterically. She said that she had arrived at the shop moments earlier and was almost hit by the door as a maniacal grandmotherly type woman came running out of the shop shouting something about toothpicks. Then she pointed to a spot behind one of the yarn shelves where Miss Opal was lying in a pool of blood with a large, pointy, DPN stuck directly into her heart! Ms. Dunnit immediately called Lt. Hugh Dunnit and told him there had been a murder at Opal's Yarn Shop and that she knew exactly who had 'dunnit'.

Do you know whodunnit? E-mail me at before midnight on Saturday, June 21 with your answer.

Spring Swap Package

I found this package when I got home
today and saw that it was from my
spring swap pal, Joyce Laurie. Since
I only sent her two very small skeins
of alpaca yarn, I was surprised to see
a box this big! I dug into it and was overwhelmed by its contents!

First I pulled out this basket - isn't it
gorgeous! It's hand painted and
those are little sheep all around the
bottom of it. I usually keep the knitting projects I do at home in baskets - easy to pick up and carry with me around the house. I'll have to find a special project for this basket!

And, inside the basket.......

Two books - Alexander McCall Smith's Tears of the Giraffee - I love the Ladies Detective Agency series and haven't read this one yet so I'm thrilled, and Ice Blue by Anne Stuart, who I haven't read before and can't wait to start. Then there was
a Boston Red Sox hat (which I am wearing now trying to turn this afternoon's game around).
A tin of spice cookies that look delicious, a darling tiny sock on a hanger - so cute!
Some 'knitters soap' called "Orange Ewe Knitting?"
from Knitting Sisters, a pom pom maker, some stitch
holders, knitting thimble, needle gauge,felted flowers,
cute stitch markers (did you make them Joyce?) some
chocolate, some perfume samples, and last but certainly
not least......

This beautiful lace cowl made from the yarn that I sent. The picture really doesn't do it justice - it is really
gorgeous - just the perfect thing
for the yarn I sent.

Thank you so much Joyce - you really
spoiled me - I'm overwhelmed by your generosity!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spring Swap!

This the incredible package I received from Jane in the swap. Wanted to get it posted because I know she is going on vacation! Look at all the goodies! A Grisham book that I have been wanting to read, Chocolate(with a capital C), some cool sock yarn, coffee, really cute note cards and, just look at the bag! Two of my favorite colors put into a felted bad! Another one of my faves - bags! This one will be the one I take to the beach as a knitting bag next week. Planned on taking just sock yarn and this is going to be perfect. Thanks, Jane. You are a wonderful (read generous!) swap partner. Have a great time on your trip!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Susan's "Did Bob Kill Pat' prize

I solved the mystery of Did Bob Kill Pat? and was the lucky winner of the prize draw.I chose the soap felting kit. The kit includes everything needed to felt the soap. I will post another picture after i actually do it.Thanks, Jane!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mystery KAL June 08 - done!

I just finished the mitts from the June Mystery KAL, and I'm very happy with the result. It was fun to knit, and they can be worn in two different ways. For all who are still struggling: Keep on knitting, it's worth the effort!

More details and a larger photo can be found in my blog.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Case of Red Sports Car Solution

Solution: The blood on the seat of the car proved that he was killed before he was thrown from the car, so the murderer must have sent the car racing down the mountain with the dead man's body in it.
And the winner is..... one of our new members - Anne from Hamburg, Germany. Her name on Ravelry is Jinx if you would like to visit her there. Congratulations Anne!

Lt. Hugh Dunnit was responding to a 911 call along with his brother, Captain Howie Dunnit when he suddenly slammed on the breaks. Howie would have been thrown through the windshield if he hadn't had his seat belt on. A red sports car had come racing around the hair-pin turn on the mountain road ahead. Out of control, the car had crashed through the guardrail. The impact didn't stop the car, but it flung the driver straight up. He seemed to land in the air a moment before plunging out of sight.

Hugh Dunnit and Howie Dunnit climbed down the two hundred-foot precipice. The driver's body was a shattered mass of broken bones and blood. About one hundred feet beyond, the sports car lay on its side, a total wreck.

Strange, said Lt. Dunnit, pointing to the seat belt, obviously unused, which lay in the fresh blood that covered the driver's bucket seat. I doubt that even a seat belt could have saved his life said Hugh.

I better call the state police said Howie. It looks like one more traffic fatality for the year. Do you think he fell asleep at the wheel?

No, said Lt. Dunnit. He was murdered. Why murder?

e-mail your answer to by midnight on June 14.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lisa Scottoline Prize Package

This is the prize package for the Lisa Scottoline project contest. Projects are due June 30.
Victorian Yarn Sampler by Knit Picks

A sampling of Knitpicks cotton yarns inspired by the floral beauty of the Victorian era.

Main Line- Harbor

Shine Worsted- Terra Cotta

Shine Sport- Willow

Comfy- Honeydew

CotLin Island -Coral

Crayon - Beach Glass

Including free patterns for a lace scarf, lace cap, fingerless gloves, lace headband and a tea cozy with the sampler. You can knit all five of these projects with the yarn in the sampler.

Monday, June 09, 2008

June Mystery KAL

I just finished the first clue. I think the pattern looks great, and it was a real quick and easy knit. Since in Europe the dpns come in bundles of five, my whatever looks rather squarish at the moment.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Did Bob Kill Pat- Solution

Solution: Yes, that's right - Bob is a cat and Pat is a fish...and Bob was very naughty, but you can't arrest a cat! In a random drawing of all the correct answers Susan Mrenna was the winner! Thanks to all of you for playing - you are all way too smart. I will have to start coming up with some harder mysteries!

Ms. Dunnit lives next door to Tony, Ilene, Pat and Bob. Sunday evening she got a frantic call from Ilene saying that she and Tony had just returned home from a dinner out and found Pat, lying dead, in a puddle of water surrounded by shattered glass. Irene was certain that Bob had killed Pat, (they hadn't been getting along at all) and when Lt. Hugh Dunnit was called in, he agreed that all of the evidence pointed to Bob. However, Bob was never arrested or prosecuted for the crime. Why not?

E-mail your solution to me ( by Saturday, June 7.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ready for the June Mystery KAL?

I've got my yarn - hand dyed sock yarn (a gift from Deb. B.) and my size 2.5m needles (a gift from Vidgis), did a swatch and got gauge. Yes - I know it's a tiny swatch - but these are tiny needles! I felt like I was knitting with toothpicks. I have knit socks, but size 3 US was the smallest needle I have used and that was a magic loop addi turbo. This should be a very interesting KAL for me- hope you all are joining us!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Miss Silver project

I read "The Girl in the Cellar" and Miss Silver was knitting a baby item, a shawl, and a football sweater for a nephew. I noticed that several other people commented on the amount of baby items Miss Silver made up. I had started a baby blanket for a friend of mine and am almost done with it, so am hoping it counts as a Miss Silver item! I realize she would probably not have used some (and certainly not all) of the colors I am, but these are the ones the mom-to-be-picked.

Cindi's Miss Silver Project

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Little Late, A Little Early

It's taken me a little bit to post my needle cozy bad. I used Lily Sugar & Cream Twists (a little hard to see the cabeling)

As soon as I finished my Lisa Scottoline book (Mistaken Identity), I got started on my knit for it(they) are...handcuffs! I found the pattern on Ravelry (had to make some adjustments and corrections!)