Sunday, June 08, 2008

Did Bob Kill Pat- Solution

Solution: Yes, that's right - Bob is a cat and Pat is a fish...and Bob was very naughty, but you can't arrest a cat! In a random drawing of all the correct answers Susan Mrenna was the winner! Thanks to all of you for playing - you are all way too smart. I will have to start coming up with some harder mysteries!

Ms. Dunnit lives next door to Tony, Ilene, Pat and Bob. Sunday evening she got a frantic call from Ilene saying that she and Tony had just returned home from a dinner out and found Pat, lying dead, in a puddle of water surrounded by shattered glass. Irene was certain that Bob had killed Pat, (they hadn't been getting along at all) and when Lt. Hugh Dunnit was called in, he agreed that all of the evidence pointed to Bob. However, Bob was never arrested or prosecuted for the crime. Why not?

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