Monday, June 30, 2008

June Scottoline Project

I took some quickie pix of my Scottoline project for the book I read, Dirty Blonde. My main character was a newly appointed judge who had taken to hitting the bars after work and picking up some stranger for a little one night action. I thought these brighter colors, as contrasted with her professional clothes and judge's robes, hint at her more wild side, and the feline button closure was a little added touch for when she goes "cattin' around", LOL.

I think I may zip it through the washer one more time, and I definitely need to reshape it a tad more. I stuffed some yarn inside to fill it out a bit for the pix, and realized when I took it out I had used SWTC's new one, Jezebel - Freudian slip??


Aunt Kathy said...

I LOVE that bag and the cat closure, perfect. Is that pattern on Ravelry? The colors are wonderful too, I love anything PINK

Jane said...

Great project - and the yarn, Jezebel, sounds perfect for the character in your book! I love the way you connected your project to the book.

krazy4katz said...

Thanx, ladies!

Kathy - The pattern is really easy - I just cast on an even number of stitches for the top edge (making it about 1/3 larger than you want it to be when completed), join and do however many rounds you want for the length you're aiming for (again, making it longer than what you really want). When it's the size you want, close the bottom with a 3 needle bind off and make a gusset on each side by folding the corners in insde the bag - I just tacked them down with some yarn and they felt together. Pick up some stitches along the top for the flap, centering them, and either knit even (for a rectangular flap) or begin decreasing after a few rows for a graduated look. When it was as long as I wanted, I bound it off til the last 3 st, then started another I-cord for the loop with those 3 stitches, and then attached it to the other side of the flap. The handle is an I-cord, I think I did a 7 or 9 stitch one, and I only made it about 5 inches longer than I wanted. I made 2 smaller 5 stitch I-cords for the knotted side cords. I sewed the handle on before felting. After it was felted and dry, I folded the side edges over the handle to make a side gusset, poked holes through the 2 front and 2 back layers and threaded the short I-cord through, then tied the ends. Voila! This bag is Noro Kureyon, #154 I think, and I used size 13 circs and DPNs in 9 and 7 for the I-cord. It's a very forgiving pattern, anything goes, LOL.

scarlet834 said...

Absolutely love that bag!